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    How To Play Shove Ha’Penny. Easy Rules.

    Shove Ha’Penny is one of those pub games that on the surface looks very simple. But you’ll soon realize that it’s very hard to master. The name of the game comes from pushing a ha’penny (british slang for a half penny which was worth 1/200th of a Pound.) This game is typically played with exactly […] More

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    How To Play The Skittles Pub Game

    Skittles (Or devil among the tailors as it’s formerly known) is an ancestor of the popular 10 pin bowling. The goal is similar too. Knock down as many of the skittles as possible in 3 attempts. Think of it as a combination of Bowling and Tether Ball since instead of rolling the ball into the […] More

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    How To Play Shut The Box – Comprehensive Rules

    This is a classic game that you might find along the sides of a local pub. There’s technically no official way to play the game so if house rules are available they should be followed. Typically the game is played with up to 4 players but can be played with more if you wanted. Requirements […] More

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    How to Play Bar Curling

    Bar Curling is the natural byproduct of people sitting at the bar wondering how to pass the time. It’s a simple version of Gelande Quaffing. The idea of the game is much like curling except it uses some beers and a bar counter. Setting It Up For this game you need to outline some scoring […] More

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    The Crokinole Drinking Game

    For those that have never had the pleasure of playing it Crokinole is a table top game that plays out similar to Shuffle Board or Curling. The idea of the game is to get your pieces closest to the middle to score some points at the end of the round. Our Crokinole drinking game however […] More

  • PubGolf

    Pub Golf Rules

    Pub Golf is a variation on a classic pub crawl. How it works is a series of 9 or 18 bars are chosen, as well as a specified drink at each. Then players go to each of the bars and have each of the drinks, getting points for each gulp it takes to finish the […] More

  • Blackout Billiards
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    Pool Drinking Game

    This Pool Drinking game follows the standard rules of pool and adds a drinking twist. So however you and your friends prefer to play pool this game should work either way. It’s typically a 1-on-1 drinking game but can also be played in teams of 2. This is a great game to play at the […] More

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    How to Plan the Perfect Pub Crawl

    A poorly planned pub crawl can be the start of a long and uneventful night. So we decided to come up with a guide on how to make sure you’re doing things right to get the most out of your evening.   Step 1: Know your group This is the difference between a great night […] More

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    Beat the Barman

    The drinking game Beat the Barman is a game for those with way too much money and way too little sense. The idea is to pound back shots before the bartender can come back with your change and then just sending him back to get more with the change. It sounds like it’d be pretty […] More

  • How to Play Chase The Unicorn - The Chuggernauts

    Chase the Unicorn Drinking Game

    The Chase the Unicorn Drinking Game is basically hide and seek for adults. It’s a clever way to spice up a pub crawl by making players have to try and find each other across various pubs. How it works is each player brings in some money and then randomly a player is given all the […] More

  • How to do a 3 legged pub crawl

    3 Legged Pub Crawl

    This game is pretty easy and often results in some hilarious shenanigans. It’s not so much of a drinking game as it is an all-night challenge. This is a team drinking game for as many teams of two as you want. It’s based off the 3 legged race except this time it involves getting shit-faced. […] More

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    Beer Darts

    Beer darts is a drinking game that involves throwing metal darts at beer cans. This game is best played outside because there’s definitely going to be some spillage. The goal of the game is to get your opponent to pound his beer before you finish yours. What You’ll Need For this game you’ll need a […] More

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