Beat the Barman

The drinking game Beat the Barman is a game for those with way too much money and way too little sense. The idea is to pound back shots before the bartender can come back with your change and then just sending him back to get more with the change. It sounds like it’d be pretty annoying for the bartender but hey, you’re a paying customer damnit!

What You’ll Need

A bar that’s not too busy. (If it’s bust this game isn’t very fun because you’ll almost certainly be done before he gets back). And a wad of cash.

How to Play Beat the Barman

Rules are simple. Head to your favorite dive bar and order a shot of your favorite drink. Make sure you pay with way too much money so that the barman has to come back with your change.

While he’s gone you have to finish the shot before he gets back with the change. When he returns send him away to get you another shot with the money.

Now one of four things can happen.

  • You fall over or throw up (Bar wins).
  • The bartender strikes you for being a dinkus (Draw).
  • You get kicked out of the bar (Draw).
  • The Bar Closes (You Win).

Rumor has it nobody has really ever won this game. Mostly because it’s a pretty insane drinking game. But that being said you should make sure to drink responsibly and not overdo it.


Beat the Barman is really just a way to piss off a local bartender while getting increasingly loaded. It’s a great game to challenge someone to play on a special occasion like a bachelor party or their birthday.