3 Legged Pub Crawl

How to do a 3 legged pub crawl

This game is pretty easy and often results in some hilarious shenanigans. It’s not so much of a drinking game as it is an all-night challenge. This is a team drinking game for as many teams of two as you want. It’s based off the 3 legged race except this time it involves getting shit-faced.

What You’ll Need

Multiple teams of players, something to tie legs together like duct tape or ropes, and a good neighborhood with lots of bars.

The Goal of the Game

The goal here is to remain tied to your partner for as long as possible. Once someone a team can no longer walk together (usually from being too slammered) then they are out. Last team left standing wins it!

How to Do a 3 Legged Pub Crawl

First everyone split into teams of two. (Smart players will team up with the heavy weights who can hold their alcohol). Then each team must tie one of their legs together, created one single 3 legged drinking machine.

Then players start at a bar, where they must have a pint. After the pint is done they must walk over to the next pub and do the same. They must finish a pint at every bar they get to and they must remain 3 legged the whole time.

If at any point someone is too drink to continue walking with their legs tied then they are out of the game. Last team left standing wins! If you want to make it interesting each player can put in a few bucks at the start of the game and the winner takes the pot.


The 3 Legged Pub Crawl is best done in an area with a lot of bars closer together. With this drinking game it’s easy to get carried away or hurt so please make sure to drink responsibly and not push your limits.