How to Play the “Ringing The Bull” Pub Game

The Ringing The Bull game is extremely easy to play and it rooted deeply in tradition. It’s not too common anymore but every once in a while you might see it when visiting and older pub. It’s an extremely simple game involving swinging a Bull’s nose ring that’s attached to a rope and hook it on the bull’s nose on the other side of the room. There’s also a Carribean variant of the game called the Bimini Drinking Game which is very similar.

What You’ll Need To Play

To play the regular version of this game you’ll need a ring attached to a rope on the ceiling. And neat the apex of the swing there should be a bulls nose or something that the ring can get caught on.

For the Carribean variant, instead of a bulls nose you’ll need a pole with something attached so that the rope can swing all the way around it.

Ringing The Bull Pub Game Rules

Participants simply take turns trying to get the ring on the nose. They must stand as far as possible while holding the ring. A successful throw results in a point.

Drinking Rules

Since you’re already in a pub it’s good to have some drinking rules to this game. For this version every time you miss you must take a sip and swing again. After 5 failed swings you must finish your drink and forfeit your turn to the next player.

Bimini Drinking Game Rules

In this variation you must try to hook the ring on the item attached to the pole. If you get it on the first pass it’s worth two points, if you get it on the return pass it’s worth three points. Whenever a point is scored; whoever scored it gets to give out a drink.