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    Louisville Chugger Rules

    The Louisville Chugger drinking game follows the tried-and-true formula of getting someone blitzed and getting them to do wacky shit. Basically what happens is you cut off the end of one of those old plastic baseball or whiffleball bats, fill it up with alcohol, chug it, spin, then try to hit a ball. Which is […] More

  • BASEketball drinking game -
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    Sloshball Rules

    Sloshball is an epic drinking game that takes quite a bit of planning to get going but it’s well worth it. It plays out a lot like a regular game with baseball except with a few kegs and a slip-n-slide. This is the kind of game you want to do on a hot summer night […] More

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    Rugby Drinking Game

    This Rugby Drinking game is played while watching any given match of Rugby. Doesn’t matter if it’s a regular season game or a six nations championship. To play this game each person needs to pick who they are rooting for because they’re going to have to drink whenever their team messes up. If a player […] More

  • Blackout Billiards
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    Pool Drinking Game

    This Pool Drinking game follows the standard rules of pool and adds a drinking twist. So however you and your friends prefer to play pool this game should work either way. It’s typically a 1-on-1 drinking game but can also be played in teams of 2. This is a great game to play at the […] More

  • Crate Of Beer
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    Bierkastenrennen Rules

    Bierkastenrennen is a German game that literally translates to “Beer Crate Running”. Honestly you could probably figure out how most of the game works from there but we’ll describe it anyway. Much like similar games like Beer Mile the goal of this game is to finish a race and a crate of beer before the […] More

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    Coaster Darts

    Coaster darts is a great darts drinking game that’ll help down a few beers at the bar and make use of that dart board that’s been hung in the corner for ages. You can also play at home too but it will require a few disposable coasters. What You’ll Need For this game each player […] More

  • Blackout Billiards

    Blackout Billiards – a Billiards drinking game

    Our Blackout Billiards drinking game is an easy way to down a few drinks at the billiards hall for those of us that are more into drinking than actual billiards. This game forgoes the regular rules in place of some fun drinking rules. The idea of this game is every player must try and keep […] More

  • Air Hockey Drinking Game -
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    Air Hockey Drinking Game

    Air hockey is a great game to enjoy over a few beers at the pub. Our Air Hockey drinking game adds a few easy rules to make things a little more interesting. It’s basically just a regular game of Air Hockey with some added bumpers that cause players to drink. What You’ll Need What you […] More

  • Tour de France Drinking Game -

    Tour de France Drinking Game

    This Tour de France drinking game has players drinking to this iconic bike race which is often considered the pinnacle of the sport. 20 or so teams compete across 21 or so events over the course of a little more than 3 weeks. But don’t worry you won’t need to be drinking for the entirety […] More

  • The WWE Royal Rumble Drinking Game -
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    The WWE Royal Rumble Drinking Game

    The WWE Royal Rumble drinking game works with any Royal Rumble. These usually take place in January of any given year and are one of the WWE’s big four Pay-Per-Views every year. These intense and fickle matches usually involve 30 wrestlers entering the ring at timed intervals who compete to be the last one in […] More

  • Gelande Quaffing -
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    Gelande Quaffing Rules

    Gelande Quaffing is more of a spectacle than a game. It’s one of the most exciting thing that a group can do outside with a few beers. This game has gained an almost cult-like following. There’s something about it that drives competitions worldwide. What Is Gelande Quaffing? The game revolves around the idea of how […] More

  • Golf Drinking Game -

    Golf Drinking Game

    Have you ever been watching Golf on TV and thought “Wow i need a few drinks to make it through this”? Well The Chuggernauts have got you covered with our Gold Drinking Game. Watch and drink in amazement as a bunch of rich dudes hit a small ball with a stick and try to sink […] More

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