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  • Squid Game drinking game by

    Some Spoiler-Free Squid Game Drinking Game Rules

    This fun Squid Game drinking game adds fun drinking rules to the Netflix original Squid Game. The show is all about some extremely desperate people who are put into a competition to win enough money to pay off their debts. Between all the chaos and nostalgic childhood games, this show makes for some great drinking […] More

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    Drunken Ducklings

    Drunken Ducklings is a free drinking board game app designed by Joep Eijkemans. In this game, each player has a little yellow duckling that bounces around the board, landing on different squares and competing in different challenges. A true party game that can be tailored to your specific group. With a lot of randomly generated […] More

  • Dead by Daylight Drinking Game by

    A Spooky Dead by Daylight Drinking Game

    There’s nothing quite like plotting the murder of your friends over an ice cold beer. That’s why we came up with a fun Dead by Daylight drinking game! This game includes two sets of rules; one for the killer and the other for the survivors. Dead by Daylight is a game where one player acts […] More

  • Game Show Drinking Games by

    10 Game Show Drinking Games for Your Viewing Pleasure

    Nothing goes together quite as well as daytime tv and a few drinks. That’s why we came up with some drinking rules for som of our favorite game shows. Whether you’re watching some old reruns or catching a newer episode live, these game show drinking games will make sure you have a great time while […] More

  • The price Is Right drinking game rules by

    The Price is Right Drinking Game Rules

    Looking to enjoy some classic daytime television with a beer in hand? These handy Price is Right drinking game rules are a great way to kick it up a notch. Whether you’re a fan of classic episodes with Bob Barker or some of the newer ones featuring Drew Carey, this drinking game should work either […] More

  • Jeopardy Drinking Game by

    A Jeopardy! Drinking Game for Trivia Lovers

    Looking to learn a thing or two while getting blasted a the same time? Well that’s where our Jeopardy! drinking game comes into play. This fun game adds fun rules to your favorite episode of Jeopardy in order to keep the drinks flowing. Since it’s inception Jeopardy has been a staple game show across the […] More

  • Deal or No Deal drinking game by

    Deal or No Deal Drinking Game Rules

    These drinking rules are for the iconic game show Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel. Essentially it adds fun drinking rules, to raise the stakes so you can get hyped up with the contestants. Watch contestants sweat as they debate whether to walk away or risk it all. What should be a rather […] More

  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Drinking Game by

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Drinking Game Rules

    There’s nothing like relaxing to some classic game shows and enjoying a few drinks. That’s why we came up with the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Drinking Game. In this game, everyone grabs a brew and follows a simple set of drinking rules. This game works with any version of the show, but we […] More

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    Top 3 Fun Party Games to Play with your Friends

    After a long, long year and a half, parties are finally back and people all over the world are gathering in open venues. Having some cold brews, dancing with friends, kicking back, and having some fun. But with such a long break from parties and group gatherings, some people might be “out-of-practice” so to speak. […] More

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    The Best Refreshing Summer Cocktails for a Party: Cook at Home

    In the summer of ‘21, there is no place for sleepy nights, for 22Bet India games, for beer, and other commonplace alcoholic drinks. No beach party, picnic, or birthday party in summer is complete without bright, cool, and refreshing cocktails. We offer recipes for summer cocktails with which you will pleasantly surprise and delight your […] More

  • Terraria Drinking Game by

    How to Play the Terraria Drinking Game

    Looking for a way to ad a bit of booze into your next 2d mining session? This Terraria Drinking Game ads a bunch of fun drinking rules to spice things up. The way it works, is that you just play a game of terraria as normal. Either solo or with friends, and then drink whenever […] More

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    Knockout City Drinking Game Rules

    This Knockout City drinking game takes virtual dodge ball to the next level. This game adds some fun drinking rules for when you mess up and let down your teammates. We suggest trying out our Knockout City drinking game in unranked games or in private lobbies, as to not upset your team mates with deteriorating […] More

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