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    Candyman’s Wharf

    This game is a user submission from u/upennquaker. It’s a simple card game that’s easy to play over video chat or in person. Works with any number of players but we’d suggest around 3-5. What You’ll Need To Play For this game each player will need their own deck of cards. Then some drinks. How […] More

  • Hawaii 5-0 drinking game

    The Hawaii 5-0 Drinking Game

    This Hawaii 5-0 drinking game is a recent user submission. Setting It Up At the start of the game everyone needs to pick one of the main characters. If there’s a lot of players, people can choose the same characters more than once. Then you’ll just need a few drinks and to queue up a […] More

  • Modern Family Drinking Game by

    How To Play The Modern Family Drinking Game

    This Modern family drinking game is a great way to unwind and watch the lives of Jay Pritchette and all his kids. This comedy explores all the daily chaos that comes with raising kids and starting a family in upscale Los Angeles. This game works with any number of players and any episode. So just […] More

  • Fluster Review by

    Fluster Review

    Ever sit down with some friends after a long day and struggle to find anything new or interesting to talk about? Well Fluster is the perfect ice-breaker game to make sure you never run out of interesting things to talk about. This simple card game has players asking and answering fun questions in order to […] More

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    5 Zoom Drinking Games To Play During Quarantine

    Having a hard time practicing social distancing without going completely mad? Well luckily there’s a lot of ways you can spend quality social time without having to physically be in the same room. So why not turn that Zoom hangout to a Zoom drinking game? Thanks to video call and chatroom services like Zoom, Skype […] More

  • Mmm Water Drinking Game Rules

    How To Play The Ridiculous Mmm…Water Drinking Game

    This game is a for those who are confident in their poker face. Plus it’s a good way to get drunk and hydrated at the same time. The idea of the game is for each player to take a shot and hope it’s water rather than tequila. Then if you’re caught drinking the tequila you […] More

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    How To Play Pig – And A Pig Drinking Game

    Pig is a dice game in which players try to get to 100 points first by adding together their dice and hoping not to roll a 1 in the meantime. Our pig drinking game adds some simple drinking rules which makes it a great game for parties or gatherings. First we’ll outline how to play […] More

  • Too Hot To Handle Drinking Game by

    Too Hot To Handle Drinking Game

    This drinking game is for the Netflix original Too Hot To Handle, which is without a doubt the single horniest television program I’ve ever witnessed. The show is about a group of uber-hot people on an island with one simple rule : Don’t have sex. Which proves to be a challenging task for these one-track […] More

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    The Workout Video Drinking Game

    Are you tired of the same old workout routine? Why not spice things up and try playing the Workout Video Drinking Game the next time you work out. Sure, it’s a little counter-productive to losing weight, but why not have a little fun with it? People love playing this drinking game because not only do […] More

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    The Blind Bets Card Game

    This card game comes from the reddit user u/WintersWarmth. It’s an easy to play game that works best in bigger groups. However there’s tons of variations and optional rules if you want to add a bit of complexity. What You’ll Need To Play A standard 52 card deck and any number of players. (Recommended at […] More

  • The Talisman Drinking Game by

    Talisman Drinking Game Rules

    Looking to spend the next 4-7 hours of your life drinking and cursing the RNG gods? Well our Talisman drinking game has just what you’re looking for. Seeing how long this game can take sometimes, it makes sense to have a few drinks handy to help the time pass. So our list of drinking rules […] More

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    Top two mobile phones to enjoy top-notch gaming action

    With the growing popularity of mobile games over the years, there is an impressive range of dedicated gaming phones available in the market today. Such are the features available on these devices, that you don’t require a PlayStation or Xbox to enjoy the best of gaming action anymore. These phones provide amazing immersive experiences by […] More

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