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    10 Best Strategy Board Games

    Games are great for relaxation. They help you forget and just immerse yourself in the new world. If you play alone, you can play PC games or poker at 22Bet. But if you play with friends and family, these games are your choice. Scythe  Scythe participants are heading to one of five nations seeking to […] More

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    How to Plan your first House Party after Lockdown

    The current Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. But sooner or later, things will begin to return to normal and people will once again be able to have parties. Humans are social beings and often aspire to engage in social activities such as film nights, hiking, meeting up for coffee, or […] More

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    9 Video Games You Can Get Drunk In (for some reason…)

    Ever since the early days of video games there have been numerous attempts to bring alcohol into the games. Here we take a look at games you can get drunk in and how it’s depicted across the years. Although most games don’t really give you a good reason to get drunk; it’s often just a […] More

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    How to Play the Marbles on Stream Drinking Game

    This drinking game is a great way to up the ante while cheering on your marble. All you have to do is join in a game, grab a few drinks and follow these simple drinking rules. The way this Marbles on Stream drinking game works, is you only drink once another marble has crossed the […] More

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    Snacks That Get the Party Started and Keep It Running

    Whether it is a night of raucous partying, or something a little more sedate, there is always the perfect snack out there to make sure that bellies are not found grumbling at your event. Here we whip up some of the best snacks, and the recipes that can make them a reality, so that your […] More

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    The Most Popular Board Games for Adults

    If there’s one thing the past year in quarantine has taught us, it’s that board games will never go out of style. Sure, there are digital play-along games and mobile apps that replace the traditional hard-copy board games. But actual board games aren’t going anywhere. They’re here to stay. That staying power is, in no […] More

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    7 Drinking Party Games to Break The Ice

    When things slowly start to open back up and the world starts to go back to normal, you might be nervous about how everyone will get along. That’s why a fun drinking party game could be a good way to get people to loosen up and start socializing. Finding the right ice breaker games can […] More

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    Top 5 Fun Party Games

    With the pandemic, our lives have changed. Today, we watch online movies instead of going to cinemas, enjoy online sports betting instead of cheering our favorite teams on the stadium, and even organize online parties instead of meeting with them in real life. But let’s imagine everything has ended and you are preparing for the […] More

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    The Ultimate Guide to a Roulette Party

    There is nothing quite like a night out at the casino with family, friends, or both! It’s a time to come together while enjoying some of your favorite games. Casino life has always conjured up thoughts of glitz and glamor along with terrific wins at the tables or slots. In fact, casino’s and the life […] More

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    How to Do a 649 Shot

    A 649 Shot (pronounced six-forty-nine) is a lottery shot where someone takes a shot of three randomly selected alcohols mixed together. It’s a game that’s usually played at a bar, or at least somewhere with a lot of liquor options. It’s not a shot anyone typically enjoys, it’s usually done as a punishment when someone […] More

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    Top Youtube Drinking Game Videos in 2021

    More of a visual learner? The Chuggernauts have decided to put some of our best drinking games videos online with quick and easy YouTube tutorials. These YouTube drinking game videos range from card games like Captain Dickhead, to board games like Drinking Jenga and everything in between. Stay subscribed for more drinking games and let […] More

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