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  • Truth or Drink Drinking Game rules by

    Truth or Drink Questions and Drinking Game Rules

    This drinking game is just about as simple as it sounds. It’s a great way to start a party and get to know your present company. Although sometimes thinking up fun Truth or Drink questions can be more of a hassle than anything, so we decided to list out some fun question ideas to help […] More

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    The Best Jackbox Drinking Games – For Every Party Pack

    Looking for a way to turn your next JackBox party into a drunken mess? Well that’s what we’re here for. We created a Jackbox drinking game for each party pack, so pick your poison and get started! Which Jackbox Party Game is Best for Drinking? Since each party pack comes with five unique games, some […] More

  • Doin the Most review by

    Doin’ the Most – A Party Game for Creative People

    DTM is a slang based drinking party game where players are rewarded for their creativity. Where the winner of each round is the player who comes up with the most hilarious answer, and anyone who passes takes a drink. What is Doin the Most? Doin the Most is a card game that’s all about coming […] More

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    The Best 5 Player Drinking Games

    Having exactly 5 people at the table can be an awkward amount for drinking games. Not quite enough for larger games, and not the right number for any team games. So what are the best drinking games for 5 people? Best Drinking Games for 5 People Kings The great thing about Kings is just how […] More

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    Guide To Hosting The Perfect Lockdown Poker Game

    Poker is one of the most popular card games on the globe and it’s easy to play online, making it ideal for passing the time during lockdown. From deciding which variant you’re going to play to keeping things friendly and fun, this is your guide to hosting a lockdown poker game. Decide which variant to […] More

  • It's a Wonderful Life by

    It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Drinking Game

    These handy drinking rules are for the classic Christmas tale “It’s a Wonderful Life”. It’s an older film about the virtues of being a good person, and how any life lived honestly, it a life worth living. It’s a redemption tale that pairs perfectly with a few drinks to bring out that holiday cheer. It’s […] More

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    The Christmas Song Drinking Game for the Holidays

    It’s the season to hear the same 8 corny Christmas songs on repeat across every radio station and grocery store speaker across the nation. This Christmas Song drinking game adds some simple drinking rules so that these repetitive jingles don’t drive you mad. This drinking game is perfect for passing the time at the next […] More

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    Get Harmon’d With The Queen’s Gambit Drinking Game

    This Queen’s Gambit drinking game will have you drunker than Beth Harmon the night before a major chess tournament. These drinking rules are a great way to make this intense show even more exciting. The show follows the fictional account of Beth Harmon and her unlikely journey from an orphanage to world champion chess player. […] More

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    A Jingle Jangle Drinking Game for the Holidays

    Looking to add a bit more Christmas cheer to your holidays? Well this Jingle Jangle drinking game adds some fun drinking rules to make sure everyone is feeling merry. Jingle Jangle (2020) is a holiday fantasy film about the magic of Christmas and toy making. As master inventor Jeronicus Jangle begins to unveil his greatest […] More

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    Pour Judgement – The Party Game Where Everyone Loses

    The Pour Judgement card game is an adult drinking game full of fun challenges and drunken shenanigans. Generally each card in the deck causes someone to drink, or perform a ridiculous task. It’s simple to understand and will have everyone drinking and laughing in no-time. How Does It Work? Easy! Each turn players simply flip […] More

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    7 Best Online Drinking Games To Play With Friends For Free

    Whether you’re trying to include someone who’s far away, stuck at home, or trying to wait out a viral pandemic, there’s plenty of good reasons to play drinking games online from the comfort of your own home. Thankfully there’s a number of great free online drinking games that will make things easier. How Do I […] More

  • Phasmophobia Drinking Game by

    A Spooky Phasmophobia Drinking Game!

    This Phasmophobia drinking game adds some fun drinking rules to you next ghost hunting adventure. This game works with anywhere from 1 to four players. In Phasmophobia, a team of up to four people enters a creepy house looking for ghosts. Even though this game was made with VR in mind, it works perfectly well […] More

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