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    Loaded Kings Review and Impressions

    Loaded kings takes the popular drinking game Kings and packs it into one simple package. Essentially it’s a full deck of cards with a bunch of fun drinking rules printed on them so all players need to do is flip some cards and do what the card says. How Does It Work? Luckily this is […] More


    10 Horror Movie Drinking Games For Gore Hounds

    Nothing quite like putting on a classic horror film and enjoying a few drinks to calm the nerves. That’s why we decided to make a list of horror movie drinking games for different popular franchises so you can sit back and enjoy the show. Depending on which movie game you want to play, the drinking […] More

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    A Drinking Guide for Las Vegas

    Heading to Las Vegas this year? Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or a hen party, we have the Las Vegas drinking guide for you right here! More

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    How To Play The Fuckin’ Ace Drinking Game

    The Fuckin’ Ace drinking game comes from a user named Will Kelly. It’s a a game that works best with 2-8 players and only requires a deck of cards and some booze. The aim of the game is to end the game with each of the four aces in your hand. What You’ll Need To […] More

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    Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Drinking Game

    It’s finally here. The last installment of the star wars saga. So what better way to celebrate than over a few drinks? Given that this movie is a hodge-podge of trying to tie up the loose ends of every other movie, you might want a few frosty beverages to get through it. This Rise of […] More

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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Drinking Game

    This Star Wars The Last Jedi drinking game has you drinking to all the droid blasting goodness that the series is known for. With constant jumps from slow story-line delivering by Luke Skywalker and intense action scenes aboard the rebel spaceship, this one makes for a great drinking game. As the rebellion is on it’s […] More

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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Drinking Game

    After a prequel series that most fans choose to forget, the seventh film in the series is a breath of fresh air. It’s action packed with tons of battle scenes between the dwindling forces of the rebellion and the all powerful empire. So grab a few beers and play along with The Force Awakens drinking […] More

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    Brutal. – The Wild Party App

    The Brutal drinking game app is all about bringing your party to the next level. Just gather your group and start flipping cards. The cards range from truth or dare to charades and everything in between. Download The App Here What Is Brutal? Brutal is an app that’s all about wild challenges and rulesthat will […] More

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    How To Play Beer Ball – Simple Rules

    Beer Ball is an active drinking game where players try to hit the opponents cans and be the first to chug their drinks. It’s typically played 2 vs 2, but can be played with any number of players as long as the teams are even. What You’ll Need To Play 4 unopened beers (1 per […] More

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