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  • Top Netflix Drinking Games 2020

    Top 10 Netflix Drinking Games Of 2020

    There’s nothing better than having a few drinks and binge watching your favorite Netflix series. Which is why we made a list of the best Netflix drinking games to play in 2020. Big Mouth This raunchy foul mouthed comedy makes for the perfect drinking game. Nick Kroll’s Big Mouth is all about the awkward and […] More

  • The Sex Education Drinking Game by

    Sex Education Drinking Game Rules

    This Sex Education drinking game is for the raunchy and awkward British Netflix series about a high school sex therapist. Given the constant sexual topics and foul language in this show we thought it would be perfect for some drinking rules. Sex Ed follows Otis and his extremely embarrassing sex therapist mother as he tries […] More

  • The Witcher Drinking Game by

    The Witcher Drinking Game

    This drinking game is for the Netflix television adaptation of The Witcher. (Not the original video game). The Witcher drinking game will have players drinking to all the carnage, swearing and corny dialogue throughout the show. The Witcher is a fantasy drama about a monster slayer named Geralt of Rivia as he struggles to balance […] More

  • Umbrella Academy Drinking Game by

    The Umbrella Academy Drinking Game

    The Umbrella Academy is a supernatural show about a group of kids with mystical powers. So whether you’re watching it for the first time or re-watching some of your favorite episodes, this Umbrella Academy drinking game is sure to make it a fun experience. Most of the drinking rules in this game will be whenever […] More

  • Messiah Drinking Game by

    Messiah Drinking Game Rules

    These drinking rules are for the hit drama Messiah. Messiah is a new show about a prophet who is leading a group of syrian refugees through the middle east. The show follows Eva Gellar as she tracks this fascinating and worrisome religious movement through the desert. The Messiah drinking game has players drinking to all […] More

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    Planning For A Party: The Most Popular Collegiate Alcoholic Drinks

    If you’re planning for a college party, undoubtedly one of the most important facets of your plans should revolve around which alcoholic drinks you’ll offer. Understanding that is incredibly important if you want to throw a truly great party. What are the most popular alcoholic drinks for students? Try these ones on for size next […] More

  • Grease Drinking Game by

    The Oh-So-Fun Grease Drinking Game

    This classic musical follows Johnny and Sandra as they manage their feelings about each-other through a whirlwind of teenage emotions. Balancing their reputations and their affections for each other turns into a task neither of them was ready for. If you’re looking to relive some 70s nostalgia then our Grease drinking game is the perfect […] More

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    How To Play The 6 Shooter Drinking Game

    The 6 shooter drinking game is a simple one, involving a die and 6 cups with varying amounts of alcohol. It’s a game of complete chance so it’s great for pre-gaming. We suggest playing with anywhere from 3-8 players, any more than that and it because a bit of a slog waiting for your turn […] More

  • Ibble Dibble Rules by

    How To Play The Ibble Dibble Drinking Game

    This is one of the more unique drinking games we have in our database. It’s a vocal drinking game that also requires a few household items. Namely a cork and a match. In the Ibble Dibble drinking game each palyer gets a mark on them, and then must try to call the other players without […] More

  • Zardoz Drinking Game by

    Zardoz Drinking Game Rules

    Given that this was one of the most profoundly confusing films I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch, we thought it necessary to come up with some fun drinking rules to help parse the madness. Our Zardoz drinking game will have you drinking to forget what Sean Connery looks like in a mankini. I’ll do […] More

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