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    The Breakfast Club Drinking Game Rules

    This drinking game is for the 1985 classic The Breakfast Club. This movie is very vulgar and rough around the edges which is why it makes for such a great drinking game. In this film 5 vastly different kids find themselves in a horrible Saturday detention as the night slowly becomes unhinged. As the principal […] More

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    A Sword Art Online Abridged Drinking Game!

    This awesome Sword Art Online Abridged drinking game was submitted by the user Embershade. For the uninitiated SAO Abridged is a mini series that pokes fun at the popular anime. It can be found on YouTube or on Something Witty Entertainment‘s Patreon. Put on your NerveGear and get ready for SAO Abridged, the hilarious fanmade […] More

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    How Do You See The World Review – A Game To Challenge Your Perspectives

    How Do You See The World is a card game with one simple goal. To delve into the our personal philosophies that govern our everyday lives. This uplifting card game was created by Authentic Agility Games to encourage meaningful discussions. HDYSTW is an ambitious ice breaker game that sets out with the goal of changing […] More

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    The Ultimate Super Mario Maker 2 Drinking Game!

    This Super Mario Maker drinking game is split up into 2 separate drinking games. One is for the endless course or multiplayer online modes, and the other involves actually creating a stage together. What You’ll Need To Play A copy of the game on Nintendo Switch and some drinks. This game works with any number […] More

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    Get the Conversation Going with Triggers

    The Triggers card game delivers on one simple promise. It will get people talking. In this game players draw cards of sensitive topics and then guess what people voted at the end of it. You might end up learning a few things about your close friends and find out who has some seriously strong opinions. […] More

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    The Smash Ultimate Ganondorf Drinking Game

    This Ganondorf drinking game was made primarily for Smash Ultimate but it would work just as well with any other smash bros title. The idea of this game is that everyone must pick Ganon and then they drink for dying to any of his stronger moves. We included our preferred rulesets but feel free to […] More

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    GutterHead Review, Impressions and More!

    Gutterhead is like a dirty version of Pictionary with a whole lot more cock drawings. Dicktionary if you will. Rather than drawing simple things like cats or teddy bears you’ll have to draw more specific things like TeaBagging or Donald Trump. The aim of the game is simply to reach the end of the board […] More

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    The Ultimate My Little Pony Drinking Game

    This MLP drinking game is designed for the Friendship Is Magic series but should work fine for the movie too. Basically we just made 1 drinking rule for each of the main ponies and spike. There’s also a bonus rule for whenever Celestia has a line in the show so it might be more drinking […] More

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    A Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Drinking Game

    Given that this movie is all about getting messed up and getting into insane situations we thought it necessary to make a Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas drinking game! This film follows Raul Duke and his “attorney” Dr. Gonzo as they get absolutely messed up and attempt to observe a motor cycle race in […] More

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    Det Gunk Review – Flip, Drink, Repeat

    Det Grunk is a card based drinking game produced by PurpGames with one simple goal, to get drunk! The game is about as simple as it sounds. Flip cards, read the instructions and choose if you want to do the action or not to receive some points. Failure to do so usually results in a […] More

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    How to Play the Snappa Drinking Game

    This game is similar to beer pong except that it uses dice instead of ping pong balls and there’s a net in the middle. It’s easiest to play the Snappa drinking game on a ping pong table however since there’s already a net on it. In this game players try to toss the die into […] More

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