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    SpaceTeam Review and Drinking Rules!

    Spaceteam is a co-operative card game based of the very successful App of the same name. Basically what this game does is put players in command of a quickly failing space ship as they have to yell across the table for the parts they need. It might sounds hectic and crazy, and that’s because it […] More

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    Overcooked 2 Drinking Game

    This User Submitted drinking game from mrjoelharrison is for OverCooked 2. The hectic Team 17 game where players scramble to put together meals under various stressful circumstances. Seeing how frantic this game already is, it’s a perfect candidate for a drinking game. What You’ll Need To Play The second version of Overcooked and some drinks. This one […] More

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    Siege Pong Review – Beer Pong Evolved

    Siege Pong is a beer pong style game by Rusalka Games where players try to eliminate eachothers cups. Unlike beer pong however this game uses clever RPG style game elements like classes and cards to help you gain the edge and destroy your opponents fortress. What Is Siege Pong? Siege pong is what happens when Lord […] More

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    How to Play The Latin Drinking Game Dudo

    The Dudo Drinking Game is one that dates back at least 400 years. Rumored to have been taught to the Spanish by an Incan king. Dudo (Spanish for “I Doubt”) is a popular south american dice game similar to Liar’s Dice. In this game each player rolls their dice in secret and take bets on […] More

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    How to Play the “Ringing The Bull” Pub Game

    The Ringing The Bull game is extremely easy to play and it rooted deeply in tradition. It’s not too common anymore but every once in a while you might see it when visiting and older pub. It’s an extremely simple game involving swinging a Bull’s nose ring that’s attached to a rope and hook it […] More

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    Here’s a Tetris 99 Drinking Game

    Whether you’re just too skilled and need to handicap yourself or you just want to use alcohol as an excuse for your poor placements, we created a Tetris 99 drinking game to help make that easier. The game itself is simple. Just drink for your placement based on chart below. Since this is such a […] More

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    How To Play Jiuling

    Here we outline how to play the Jiuling; the ancient Chinese drinking game that’s still played around barstools today. The game is also sometimes known as Fingers. Unlike most other drinking games this one doesn’t require any equipment. No cards, dice or anything like that so it’s perfect for any social setting. History Of Jiuling […] More

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    Give Me Money Or I’ll Kick Your Cat!

    No really, the name of the game is “Give Me Money or I’ll Kick Your Cat”. It’s a card matching game where you put together loose threats by rolling the dice and playing the matching cards. We got a chance to test out this game recently so we wrote out a quick overview and review […] More

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