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  • The Gingerbread House Drinking Game by

    How to Play the Gingerbread House Drinking Game!

    It is the most wonderful time of the year, so of course you are going to do a festive activities like building a ginger bread house. This year why not spice things up a bit and build a gingerbread house while playing our gingerbread House Drinking Game? All you need is to gather a few […] More

  • Christmas Cocktail Recipes by

    5 Best Christmas Cocktails For The Holiday Season

    This list is for those looking to spice up their next Christmas party with something a little different than the classic eggnog. These 5 great Christmas cocktails are sure to bring festive cheer to even the stingiest of grinches. #1 Naughty Hot Chocolate Ingredients 1 cup of skim milk Hot chocolate mix 3 ounces of […] More

  • How To Make a Tradtional Martini by

    How To Make a Traditional Martini – The Right Way

    The martini is one of the most iconic alcoholic drinks of all time, and for good reason. There’s a million variations and ways to make it. So not a lot of people can agree on which way is best. But here we’re going to outline how to make the original Gin martini that started the […] More

  • The Hurruudah Drinking Game by

    How to Play Hurruudah – The Mongolian Drinking Game

    Hurruudah is similar to drinking games like Fingers. The goal of the game is to guess how many fingers will be showing total between you and the opponent. This drinking game is a two player game. Since all you really need to play this game is some drinks, it’s easy to play in any social […] More

  • Art Of Play Playing Card Review by

    Spotlight: Art Of Play Playing Cards

    Art of play is an online shop focusing on quality playing cards and all sorts of other games.Their Playing Cards are a great blend of function and elegance. Whether you’re just playing card games, doing magic tricks or simply collecting Art Of Play has you covered. With over 75 available decks there’s something for every niche. […] More

  • Caesar Cocktail Recipe by

    5 Ways To Bring Your Bloody Caesar To The Next Level

    For the uninitiated the Caesar cocktail is similar to a Bloody Mary except it uses Mott’s Clamato juice and a variety of garnishes. It’s a very unique cocktail that’s found widespread popularity in Canada. So much so that there’s even a “National Caesar Day” across the frozen north. What Is A Bloody Caesar? The Caesar […] More

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    How To Play The Debauchery Party Card Game

    The Debauchery drinking game is a box full of outlandish dares and challenges. All in the name of drinking and having a good time. It’s as simple as opening up the pack of cards and watching your friends make fools of themselves. How To Play Just go around in a circle drawing cards and doing […] More

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    No Man’s Sky Drinking Game

    If you’re ever in the mood to drink some beers and drift through space, then our No Man’s Sky drinking game is the way to go. Play solo or with friends. Grab some drinks and just go about your space exploring business and drink whenever any of these handy drinking rules come up. For anyone […] More

  • How To Make a Tom Collins by

    How To Make A Tom Collins – Mixology 101

    The Tom Collins is a popular mixed drink, and for good reason. It’s a delicious drink that can be made with ingredients found in almost any typical bar setting. The combination of Gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water make for a very refreshing beverage. Overall it’s a very light gin-sour style cocktail so it’s […] More

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    Pick Your Poison – The Game Of Absurd Moral Decisions

    Pick Your Poison is the latest innovation in party gaming by Player Ten Games. The same people who created What’s Your Number and The Voting Game.  It’s a crazy game that forces players to choose between two tough decisions. It plays out like a twisted version of “Would You Rather” where everyone tries to answer […] More

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    How To Play The Sims 4 Drinking Game

    If you’re the type of person who likes to pour themselves a glass or two and manage the lives of your virtual family, then we have the game for you! The way this The Sims 4 drinking game works is that you just play the game and drink whenever one of these handy drinking rules […] More

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    How To Play The Wonderfully Canadian Caesar Pong

    Finally a drinking game that makes use of the classic Canadian cocktail the Clamato Caesar. For those that have never had one before they are similar to a Bloody Mary but with more Clam. On paper they sound disgusting but don’t knock it until you try it. Caesar Pong is much like regular beer pong […] More

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