How to Plan the Perfect Pub Crawl

A poorly planned pub crawl can be the start of a long and uneventful night. So we decided to come up with a guide on how to make sure you’re doing things right to get the most out of your evening.


Step 1: Know your group

This is the difference between a great night and an uncomfortable one. Find out what your group likes to do. You can hit all the local pubs, dance bars or even strip clubs. But make sure that most of your group is into it. If it’s a bachelor party or someones birthday you might want to tailor it to what they would want to do.

Step 2: Map it out

Plan it Out

Planning a route is extremely important here. You don’t want to end up stranded somewhere with nowhere to go but back to the bars you’ve already been to. So pick a chill meeting spot to have a few beers and head out from there.

Using google maps is probably your best bet here. Close up on the area you’re thinking of going to, take note of the bars in the area and how far they are to walk to. Plus make sure they’re all open during the hours that you plan on going.

Step 3: Transportation

If the whole trip isn’t on foot you’re going to want to look at bus routes or cab fares. Make sure the end of the night doesn’t leave you stranded with no way home. An ideal pub crawl would be entirely on foot but you still need to find your way home at the end of the night. If you got the cash for it a party bus is a great option.

Step 4: Be open to changes.

It’s good to have a backup plan if something isn’t working out. A stop for food or just a change of pace is always nice. Plus you never know if a line-up is going to be too big or someone gets kicked out of a bar.

Optional Step 5: Suit Up!

Suit Up

Well, not literally, unless you’re into that. But what always makes for a good time is getting everyone to get on board with a theme. Something like neon works, anything to stand out to get people talking. Also helps you find your buddies when you get too drunk to see straight.

Optional Step 6: Pub Crawl Drinking Games

There’s tons of great pub crawl drinking games out there but we’re going to list a couple of our favorites.

The 3 Legged Pub Crawl

How to do a 3 legged pub crawl

The idea here is that everyone breaks up into teams of two. They then tie one of their legs together like they’re in a 3-legged race and leave it like that for the whole night. If you thought stumbling around downtown was hard enough already this is definitely going to kick it up a notch. If you wanted to add an element of competition get each player to put in 10$ and the last team still standing takes the pot.

Chase the Unicorn

How to Play Chase The Unicorn - The Chuggernauts

This game is great for a bachelor party or birthday since one person gets to drink on everyone else’s dime. It’s basically a grown up game of hide-and-seek. What happens is each player brings 20$ at the start of the night and it’s all given to “The Unicorn”. You can pick who that is or you can just randomize it. The unicorn has to hide around town in any bars within the designated area drinking with all the money they were given. If anyone finds them they can join in and drink with the money as well. The game ends when the money runs dry or everyone has found him. We suggest giving the unicorn one of those ridiculous horse masks to make them a bit easier to spot at a bar.


We hope this helped you figure out how to plan a great pub crawl. Ultimately as long as you hit enough bars and nobody got arrested, then it’s a success.