How To Play Shut The Box – Comprehensive Rules

This is a classic game that you might find along the sides of a local pub. There’s technically no official way to play the game so if house rules are available they should be followed. Typically the game is played with up to 4 players but can be played with more if you wanted.

Requirements To Play

The box is typically a small tray with numbered panels from 1 to 9. These panels usually flip up or down to indicate if they have been scored. However it’s possible to play without an official board if you just want to write the numbers 1 to 9 and remember which were scored. A set of two dice is also required to play.

The Objective

The aim of the game is to score as many of the tiles as possible and close them to indicate they have been scored. Players take turns rolling until they get a roll that doesn’t net them any new drops and then scores points equal to the sum of the tiles that are still standing. The goal is to score as little points as possible each round.

How To Play Shut The Box

Choose a player to start the round.

On a players turn they roll both dice. They then look at the two dice and calculate the total. They must then lower tiles to equal the same total.

For Example

If a player rolls a 6 and a 3 that means they have a total of 9. With this they have multiple options of which tiles to drop in order to total nine.

  • 9
  • 8 and 1
  • 7 and 2
  • 6 and 3
  • 5 and 4

On a players turn they continue to roll until they are unable to drop any tiles that haven’t already been dropped. Once this happens they add the value of the remaining tiles and mark that as their final score.Then it’s the next players turn.

Make sure to mark down the scores for each player. Then continue on to the next round. Scores accumulate for each player. If a players score ever reaches past 45 then they lose and are eliminated from the game.

When someone is eliminated the round still finishes. Once only one player remains then they win the game. If multiple players are eliminated in the same round then the one with the lower score is deemed the winner.

Shut The Box Drinking Game Rules

  • Whenever you roll doubles drink equal to what one of the dice are.
  • If your score reaches 11,21,31 or 41 you must take a shot
  • After each round whoever is in last place drinks.
  • When you get eliminated it’s time to finish your drink.

What’s the point of a pub game if you can’t get a little tipsy in the process?