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Pool Drinking Game

Blackout Billiards

This Pool Drinking game follows the standard rules of pool and adds a drinking twist. So however you and your friends prefer to play pool this game should work either way. It’s typically a 1-on-1 drinking game but can also be played in teams of 2. This is a great game to play at the pub or anywhere that has a decent table.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll just need a standard pool table set and some drinks.

Pool Drinking Game Rules

Play out the game as normal with these added drinking rules.

  • If you scratch, you drink.
  • If your opponents sink a ball of theirs, you drink.
  • If you sink one of your opponents balls drink twice.
  • If you sink the 8 ball before you were supposed to, finish your drink.
  • At the end of the game the losing team takes a drink for every one of their balls still on the table.
  • Any blunder results in an extra drink. Such as hitting a ball off the table or accidentally hitting someone with your pool cue.

Calling a shot

If players want to they can choose to call out a shot. If they do this and sink a ball, the opponents will have to drink twice. But if they miss they will have to drink twice themselves. They must call out which ball they are going to sink and in which pocket.

Getting Walloped

If a player loses with more than 4 balls still on the table they have to pound back their drink. For shame.


This pool drinking game is a great way to get your buzz on as you take on your friends in this game of skill. If you enjoy games at bars we suggest taking a look at our Coaster Darts drinking game!