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    How To Play The Devil’s Triangle Drinking Game

    Lately there’s been a bit of a huff over a particular drinking game known as Devil’s Triangle. Mostly because it was mentioned in the high school yearbook of Brett Kavanaugh. When questioned about he he claimed it was a drinking game ‘akin to quarters’. As someone who has researched countless drinking game books and helped […] More

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    Taps Drinking Game

    The Taps drinking game is one of the easiest ones you’ll ever find. Plus all it requires is that each player has a coin and is sitting around a table. The basic object of the game is to not mess up. Players take turns tapping the table, once for left and twice for right. First […] More

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    Speed Quarters

    Speed Quarters is a variant on the classic quarters that is much faster and a little messier. The idea here is that players aren’t taking turns and are trying to bounce the other players drinks in the central glass as quick as possible. The last player who’s coins have not all been sunk in the […] More

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    Pennies Drinking Game

    The Pennies drinking game is very similar to the popular Quarters drinking game.The aim of the game is for players to bounce their penny into a shallow whiskey glass. If they get it they tell someone else to take a drink and go again, if they fail their turn is over. This game works with […] More

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    How To Play Mexican Quarters

    Unlike the regular game of Quarters this one involves spinning a quarter and forcing an opponent to drink until it stops. This game works well with 2 players but you can play with more if players want take turns. What You’ll Need A quarter or other large coin and some drinks. How to Play Mexican […] More

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    Irish Quarters Rules

    Like many other drinking games originating from Ireland, the Irish Quarters game is not for the faint of liver. The game itself has no real winner or loser and involves a whole lot of beer chugging. The basics of the game is the player spins a quarter, chugs a drink, refills the drink, then grabs […] More

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    Up Jenkins Drinking Game

    This coin drinking game is one where players try to guess where the coin is hidden. The Up Jenkins drinking game is played in teams, it doesn’t really matter how many players there are as long as they are divided as equally as possible among the two teams. Each team should elect a captain, they […] More

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    Dimes Drinking Game

    The Dimes drinking game is somewhat of a more frustrating version of quarters. Rather than trying to land your coin in a cup, you’re trying to land it on top of one. So no matter how good you think you are at quarters, this will not be an easy task. What You’ll Need For this […] More

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    Chuckies Drinking Game

    The Chuckies drinking game is a 1v1 drinking game where players race to see who can get more of their coins into the opponents glass in a short time limit. It’s sort of like that basketball game at arcades where players try to sink more balls than their opponent in an allotted time. What You’ll […] More

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    Coin Toss Drinking Game

    The coin toss drinking game requires little more than a handful of coins and a few pint glasses. It’s best played with as many people as you can gather. Too few and the game won’t be very interesting. This game often leads to a spill or two so it’s probably best to play it in […] More

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