How To Play The Skittles Pub Game

Skittles (Or devil among the tailors as it’s formerly known) is an ancestor of the popular 10 pin bowling. The goal is similar too. Knock down as many of the skittles as possible in 3 attempts. Think of it as a combination of Bowling and Tether Ball since instead of rolling the ball into the pins you instead swing it around a pole.

What You’ll Need To Play

Just a skittles set that comes complete with the 9 skittles and ball tethered to a pole. If people want to play with our drinking rules you’ll need some booze as well which should be easy to find since this game is usually found in pubs.

Objective Of The Game

The goal is to knock down as many pins as you can within 3 swings.

Skittles Rules

Each player gets 3 swings on their turn. The must swing the ball along the outside of the table so that it comes crashing into the pins from the other side.

No skittles can be knocked down until the top pin is hit. That means if you knock any pins down and the top pin is still standing they must all be replaced how they were and no points were scored. Make sure to clear off any fallen scored pins after every turn.

One point is scored for each downed skittle. At the end of the turn scores are marked. This is sometimes done on a cribbage board. Skittles can be played to either 61 or 121 points.

Devil Among The Tailors Drinking Rules

  • If you score a flopper (all 9 pins in one swing) then every other player finishes their drink.
  • If you score a spare (all 9 pins in 2 swings) then choose another player to finish their drink
  • If you miss and score no pins then you need to take a drink.
  • At the end of the game whichever player had the lowest score must buy the next round of drinks.