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Beer Darts

Beer darts is a drinking game that involves throwing metal darts at beer cans. This game is best played outside because there’s definitely going to be some spillage. The goal of the game is to get your opponent to pound his beer before you finish yours.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a couple metal darts and one can of beer for each player. It can either be played one-on-one or with teams of two or more. As long as the teams are even sizes and each player has a beer can to play it should work out just fine.

To set up the game place one full unopened beer can per player about 10 feet away from the players. Beers should be on a table or on the ground. Then players agree on a line that nobody can cross when shooting.

Beer Darts Rules

Teams alternate trying to throw a dart at the beer cans. Trying to hit the opposing teams cans and not their own.

If a beer can is hit by a dart but not punctured, whoever owns that can must grab it and take a sip. If it was closed, open it.

If a beer can is punctured by a dart, whoever owns it must drink the beer down to where the hole is.

If a beer can is ever punctured 3 times, it must be downed.

If a beer can is ever knocked over, it must be downed.

If a beer can is downed, the player that owned it is out of the game.

A player (or team) wins when all the opposing players have finished their beers.


Beer darts is an easy and awesome way to kill an afternoon. We strongly suggest playing this game outside on the grass because once in a while those cans will turn into geysers. Alternatively you can play with beer cans filled with water and drink out of a separate beer to not waste any precious alcohol.