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How To Play Shove Ha’Penny. Easy Rules.

Shove Ha’Penny is one of those pub games that on the surface looks very simple. But you’ll soon realize that it’s very hard to master. The name of the game comes from pushing a ha’penny (british slang for a half penny which was worth 1/200th of a Pound.) This game is typically played with exactly 2 players.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this you’ll need a shove Ha’penny board. These are slats of wood with multiple divots in them. Then you need half pennies although using regular pennies or any small coin will work fine as long as it’s roughly the correct size. The boards also contain two small scoring areas on the sides to mark the points.

If you’re in a pinch a Ha’penny board can be made by drawing 10 lines about an inch apart on a hard surface like a table.

Shove Ha’Penny Rules

Much like the name implies the goal is to shove your half penny onto the scoring areas of the board. On a players turn they shove 5 pennies onto the board hoping to land them between completely the divots. Pennies are placed on one end of the board with a slight amount of them leaning off of the board before each shove. At the end of the round a point is scored for each penny landed in a bed (bed is the area between the divots).

Players go back and forth with the aim of accumulating 3 points in each bed. If a hapenny is scored in a bed that already has 3 points in it then the point is instead awarded to the opponent so be careful not to score in beds that have already been completed.

First player to score 3 points in ever bed wins the game.

Shove Ha’Penny Drinking Game Rules

  • Whenever a player reaches 3 points in a bed then the opponent must drink equal to how many points they still need to score to reach 3 in that bed.
  • At the end of the game the losing player must take a sip for each incomplete bed. If it’s 4 or more beds the player must instead down an entire drink.