Pub Golf Rules


Pub Golf is a variation on a classic pub crawl. How it works is a series of 9 or 18 bars are chosen, as well as a specified drink at each. Then players go to each of the bars and have each of the drinks, getting points for each gulp it takes to finish the drinks. The lower the score the better.

Getting Ready

Before you can get out there and start the round of pub golf you need to mark all the bars and drinks. So pick 9 or 18 bars, depending how slammered you want to get, and number them. This is a task best assigned to the person who knows the neighborhood the best. Then a drink should be chosen at each pub, and a number of sips or “par” it should take to finish each drink. Then calculate the total par by adding together the par for each bar. Players will be aiming to get less than the par amount by the end.

It’ll help to print out the bars, drinks, and par sips. Plus another blank score sheet to mark down how every player does. Typically something like a pint is a “par 5” where as something like a short glass would be a “par 3”.

Pub Golf Rules

Once all the bars are decided players all meet at the first bar. Then everyone grabs the first drink on the list and sees how many gulps it takes them to finish it. Once that’s done mark down the score and head over to the next bar.

Keep going until all the bars are done then add up everyone’s score. The player with the lowest score is the winner. Plus as an added bonus they’re probably going to be the drunkest too.


Pub Golf is an awesome combination of bar hopping and drinking games. If you wanted more fun pub crawling games check out Chase the Unicorn!