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    The Dreidel Drinking Game to Kickstart Hanukkah

    The Dreidel drinking game is a great and simple way to have a few drinks with friends.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    A dreidel, 10 tokens per player (can be anything) and some drinks.

    How To Spin the Dreidel

    If you already know how the Dreidel game works and are just looking for the drinking rules sections go ahead and skip this part.

    The object of the game is simple. Be the last one with tokens. Everyone starts the game with 10 tokens. (these can be anything from pennies to poker chips, doesn’t matter). To kick the game off everyone puts 1 token into the pot.

    Players take turns spinning it and depending what it lands on is what they have to do.

    1. Nun or Nes means nothing. Nothing happens.
    2. Gimel or Gadol means everything. Take every token in the pot.
    3. Hey or Haya means half. Take half the pot rounded up.
    4. Shin or Sham means put in. Put a token into the pot.

    Whenever the pot is empty each player must put 1 more token into the pot. When one player has all the tokens he/she wins! If someone is out of tokens they may no longer spin the dreidel but they may ask another player for a loan to get back into the game.

    Dreidel Drinking Game Rules

    Now that you know how to play these Dreidel drinking rules should be pretty easy to follow.

    • Whenever you get Hey, assign someone else to take a drink of their drink.
    • Whenever you get Gimel, assign someone else to take 2 drinks from their drink.
    • If you get Shin you must take a drink of your own drink.
    • If you get get the same letter 3 spins in a row you must finish your drink.
    • In order to get back into the game and take a loan from another player you must drink for each token received.
    • When someone wins the game each losing player must cheers and take a sip to their glory.
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    The Santa Clause 2 Drinking Game

    The long awaited sexual to our original Santa Clause drinking game. We decided to make another one for the second film in the series. The Santa clause 2 drinking game has people drinking to this Tim Allen Christmas classic.

    This movie follows Scott Calvin as he tries desperately to find a Ms Clause before Xmas or risk losing his magic powers. Much like all Tim Allen comedies it’s a light hearted family movie stuff with subtle sex jokes to keep the adults entertained. Which is why we thought it’d make a great drinking game!

    What You’ll Need To Play

    All you’re going to need is a bit of Christmas spirit (alcohol) and a copy of the film.

    The Santa Clause 2 Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your holiday beverage whenever…

    • Anyone in the movie says “Merry Christmas”
    • The toy Santa orders someone to do something
    • A reindeer talks in it’s weird Ewok-esque language
    • Someone doubts that Scott is Santa
    • Anyone says the word “believe”
    • A snow-globe appears on screen
    • Someone says “naughty” or “nice”

    Take a big chug whenever…

    • Someone is put through the toy machine
    • Scott loses one of his Santa-esque traits
    • Someone brings up McDonalds in an act of clear product placement

    Chug for the entire time that Scott’s blind date sings her horribly cringey Christmas number.

    This Santa Clause 2 drinking game to get a warm for the winter season but always make sure to please drink in moderation. If you liked this game we have a crapload more drinking games to christmas movies here.


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    How to Play The Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game

    X  For the uninitiated this show is a new Horror series that’s based off a novel of the same name. The show revolves around the mysterious and deadly happenings at a solitary house. So we decided to come up with the Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game to help calm your nerves enough to get through this eerie series.

    This show has all the makings of a great supernatural TV show. It maintains a constant eerie feeling to keep you on edge at all times so don’t go into this one unless you’re ready for a good scare.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    A few good episodes of the show and some drinks. The show itself is currently streaming on Netflix.

    The Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your tasty beverage whenever…

    • Someone says “dad” or “daddy”
    • Slow creepy music begins to play
    • Someone wakes up from a nightmare
    • There’s a jump scare
      • Take 3 sips instead if you got scared and jumped
    • Anyone sends or receives a text message or phone call
    • Someone feels the need to clarify that they don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural
    • A doorknob begins to shake or jiggle
    • Anyone uses an analogy to try and explain something

    Finish Your Drink Whenever Someone Is Pronounced Dead In The Show. (not including flashbacks)

    This Haunting of Hill House drinking game can be quite a lot of alcohol consumption especially if you’re a bit of a wuss and jump at the many many jump scares in the series. So make sure to always drink responsibly and keep hydrated. Good news is not that many people die in this show so that rule won’t come up all too often. If you liked this movie you might want to check out some more of our horror movie drinking games here.

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    How To Play The Bad Santa Drinking Game!

    Bad Santa is one of the most adult Christmas movies you can find so we decided to create a Bad Santa drinking game. With all the drinking and overall bad decisions that happen in this movie it makes for the perfect drinking game.

    This film is a raunchy dark comedy all about a couple of horrible people out to ruin Christmas. Except this time it’s not the Grinch it’s Willie as they travel from mall to mall trying to pull off heists dressed as beloved Christmas characters. It’s one of those movies that’s not at all suited for children but still manages to tell the tale of someone finding the Christmas spirit.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    For this drinking game just grab a few drinks and follow these super easy drinking rules.

    Bad Santa Drinking Game Rules

    Take A Sip Whenever…

    • Willie is seen drinking alcohol
    • Someone says “Santa Claus”
    • Willie and/or Marcus steal something or scam someone
    • Willie has sex.
    • A child tells Santa what they want for Christmas
    • Thurman bears witness to something downright traumatic
    • Anyone says “Merry Christmas!”
    • Someone takes drugs
    • Santa pretends to be sick
    • Someone mentions Sandwiches

    Finish your drink whenever…

    • The bullies get beaten up.

    If you want to get really intense try drinking whenever someone swears in the movie. You’ll be drunk in no-time.


    Our Bad Santa drinking game is the perfect way to enjoy this dark holiday comedy. However it can be an awful lot of drinking even if the drink finishing rule only comes up twice in the film so always make sure to take it easy and drink responsibly. If this style of not-at-all-for-kids Christmas movie is your forte then we suggest taking a look at our The Night Before drinking game!


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    The Definitive Smash Bros. Ultimate Drinking Game (5 Ways To Play!)

    It has long been my stance that smash bros makes for one of the funnest drinking games around and this iteration is no exception. So we decided to come up with the definitive Smash Bros Ultimate drinking game.

    We decided this time around to make multiple smaller drinking games for each individual mode. So no matter how you love to play the game we got you covered.

    The Definitive Smash Bros. Ultimate Drinking Game Rules


    Well start with the most common mode that everyone loves; Versus Mode.

    • Whenever someone successfully finishes their characters longest taunt, they can make someone else take a drink.
    • If you commit suicide and fall off the map due to your own negligence drink 3 times.
    • If you die to a Pokemon or assist trophy, take a drink.
    • If someone hits you with their final smash drink 3 times.
    • If someone gets a master ball everyone else must take a drink.
    • If someone gets Mew or Celebi out of a Pokeball everyone must stop playing immediately, toast and then finish their drinks. Then they can resume playing.
    • At the end of the match drink equal to your position unless you’re first place. For example 2nd place drinks 2 times, 3rd place drinks 3 times, etc…

    Squad Strike

    This mode is new to Smash Ultimate. It’s where players choose either 3 or 5 characters each and then have an epic battle where each stock is represented by a new character.

    • Whenever your opponent loses a stock put a bit of drink into a cup that’s placed between both players. At the end of the game whoever lost drinks everything in the cup.
    • To make things a bit more fair for the loser, for the next round the loser gets to pick the characters for the winner.

    Tourney Mode

    This is a classic mode brought back from melee and brawl where giant brackets are set up and players battle to see who’s the best. Perfect if you have a ton of people who want to play.

    First to set this up put up a 32 man bracket. Play with as many players as you want and substitute the rest with CPUs.

    • Drink whenever you lose a stock.
    • If you get eliminated in the first round finish your drink.
    • If you get eliminated you must pick someone else and drink with them until they get eliminated. Keep doing this for the rest of the tournament.

    World of Light

    This is Ultimate’s brand new story mode. It’s mostly a single player endeavor so it might not make for the best game for a large group of people but you can always pass the controller around.

    • If you fail one of the challenges drink 3 times
    • Whenever you get a skill sphere take a sip.
    • Whenever you unlock a spirit you can choose someone else in the room to take a drink
    • If you unlock one of the characters in the game choose someone to drink 3 times

    Classic Mode

    • Whenever you lose a stock take a drink.
      • If that stock is lossed to a giant or metal character take two drinks.
      • If that stock is lossed to a Final Smash take 3 drinks.
      • If it’s lost to a boss take 5 drinks.

    And yes, these drinks stack. So if you lose a stock to the final smash of a metal character’s final smash you owe 5 drinks.


    That about covers it for our awesome Smash Bros Ultimate drinking game. Although we’ll probably add more modes as time marches forward so keep checking back. If you liked this you might want to check out our massive collection of video game drinking games for the Nintendo Switch.

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    The Zombie Dice Drinking Game !

    Our Zombie Dice drinking game is a set of awesome drinking rules for Steve Jackson’s great Zombie Dice. This game is about as simple as they come which is why it makes for a great game to enjoy a few drinks to without getting lost in all the rules. Plus if you have enough drinks you might start to feel like a real zombie to get into the spirit of the game.

    What You’ll Need

    A copy of the game and some drinks of choice for everyone playing. The game is 2-99 players so whether you’re with a couple friends or a massive party this will be a great choice. You’re also going to need to some higher proof alcohol for the losers to take a shot of at the end of the round.

    Zombie Dice Drinking Game Rules

    This drinking game follows all the base rules of ZD but adds some fun drinking rules. Eat Brains, Don’t Get Shotgunned. The goal is to be the first player to get 13 brains.

    • Whenever you get shot, take a drink.
    • Whenever you get a brain the player with the least brains takes a drink. (If it’s a tie you choose who drinks).
    • Drinks are doubled (given and taken) for yellow dice.
    • Drinks are tripled (given or taken) for red dice.

    At the end of the game everyone needs to roll a die to determine if they will drink. Winner gets to roll a green die. Player with the least score must roll a red die. Everyone else rolls yellow.

    If you roll a “shot” you must take a shot of hard alcohol, to be chosen by the group.


    This Zombie Dice drinking game is a great way to enjoy a few drinks but watch out because it can get pretty heavy (especially if you were in last place for most of the game). So always make sure to drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel drunk. If you loved this game we also made an awesome drinking game for another Steve Jackson classic Munchkins. Plus we also have the largest collection of board game drinking games on the web. Cheers!


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    How to Play the Kismet Drinking Game

    For the uninitiated Kismet is a older Turkish dice game that plays out similar to the more modern dice game Yahtzee. This Kismet drinking game takes a regular game of Kismet and adds some fun drinking rules to make it more exciting.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    First thing you’ll need is a copy of Kismet. If you don’t have one available don’t worry it’s fairly easy to replicate with a set of 5 dice and some colored markers.

    In order to make kismet dice just take a regular set of 5 dice and use the markers to color them as follows. 1 and 6 are black, 2 and 5 are red, 3 and 4 are green. Then you’ll want to either print out some score sheets or make them yourself.

    The Base Rules of Kismet

    If you already know how to play go ahead and skip this section and move on to the drinking rules.

    It basically plays just like Yahtzee. Players take turn rolling all 5 dice and marking their score by either adding all of one number together for the “basic” scores or creating pairs, straights or flushes in the “kismet” section. A category must be scored every round even if that means putting a 0 in one of them.

    Kismet Drinking Game Rules

    Now on to the fun part.

    • Whenever you are forced to put a 0, take a drink.
    • Whenever someone else scores 30 or more points in their turn they can make someone else drink.
    • Whenever a player scores a kismet (all dice the same number) then everyone else at the table must cheers and take a hefty chug from their drink.
    • At the end of the game take a sip for every 10 points you are behind the winner.



    That about wraps it up for our Kismet drinking game. If you’re more of a Yahtzee person then check out our awesome Yahtzee drinking game!

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    The GoodFellas Drinking Game

    GoodFellas is a classic story about the life of some italian gangsters who end up getting in way over their heads. It’s a tale of sex, drugs, money and all around dysfunction. So needless to say it makes for a great drinking game!

    This movie is based around the book Wiseguys and was a major turning point in Scorsese’s career. It fallows Henry Hill as he actualizes his dream of being a gangster. Although he quickly finds out just how ruthless that world has become. It’s starts off fairly tame and quickly spirals out of control. So grab a drink or maybe a few and get ready for the Goodfellas Drinking Game.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    This game is fairly simple. Just get a drink or two ready and follow these simple drinking rules.

    GoodFellas Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever…

    • Someone does cocaine
    • Anyone says “wiseguys”, “gangster” or “goodfellas”
    • Someone is killed
    • Someone is seen smoking a cigar
    • Mikey gets unreasonably offended
    • Anyone mentions a name that ends in a Y sound such as “Mikey”, “Jimmy”, “Frankie” etc…
    • Someone gets arrested
    • You see Ray Liotta’s hilariously off-putting laugh


    Don’t be fooled by the short list of drinking rules. This Goodfellas drinking game is pretty intense mostly because of the name rule. So don’t be afraid to take a break or pause the movie if you think you’re drinking too much too quickly. If you liked this game you can check our more of our great movie drinking games here.


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    Don’t Think. Drink. – A Portable Party

    Last weekend we got to test out the great drinking card game Don’t Think. Drink by the great FreshSqueezed Games. As the name implies it’s incredibly simple and fun. Think of it like a game of Kings except with much more unique and fun challenges.

    How To Play The Game

    This is where this game really shines. All you need to know in this game is you take turns flipping cards and doing what it says on them. The cards themselves come in 3 flavors.

    Immediate cards just tell you to do something straight up like have a drink. Rule cards stick around and effect the whole game like making everyone speak in 3 word sentences. Challenge cards issue a challenge like eating a spoonful of dirt and usually offer some kind of drinking punishment if it’s not completed.

    That’s all! Just flip cards and get straight to the fun. The game continues until every card in the deck as been flipped over.

    If peolpe want to dive head first into the spirit of this game there’s also a Playlist created by the DTD team for the game that can be found here.

    Don’t Think. Drink Review.

    This game is perfect for people who love card games and wacky drinking challenges. It has awesome replay value as well. Some of the challenges are so creative and fun that this one really stands apart from other like-minded games. About 4 cards in I was already wearing toilet paper around my head, finishing a drink while speaking in an accent and wondering what I had gotten myself into.

    The one thing people should know is this game is best played when people are already a few beers into the night. The game is wildly fun when people have hit that sweet-spot of being tipsy enough to consider some of the poor life choices this game can throw at you.

    At a price tag of only ten dollars you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check “Dont Think. Drink.” out. It’s a guaranteed good time. Get Your Copy Here

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    How To Play The Night Before Drinking Game

    This game is for the raunchy Christmas comedy The Night Before. The movie itself is all about drinking, getting messed up, and learning the meaning of Christmas so it makes for a great drinking game.

    The story follows Ethan, Isaac and Chris as they fulfill their yearly Christmas traditions and battle their own personal demons along the way. On the surface it sounds like any other Xmas movie but this one is purely for the adults since it’s chalked full of swearing, drinking, sex and drugs. So this game is a great way to keep on pace with the protagonists of the movie and get nice and toasty this holiday season.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    The movie which is currently streaming on Netflix and some drinks. Then just grab a seat and follow these easy drinking rules!

    The Night Before Drinking Game Rules

    • Take a sip of your frosty beverage whenever…
    • Anyone mentions the Nutcracker Ball.
    • Someone drinks alcohol or takes drugs in the movie.
    • A famous person is mentioned by name.
    • Someone calls out Isaac for being too high.
    • Anyone says “fuck” or “fucking”
    • Red Bull is mentioned.

    Take a big chug of your drink whenever one of their Christmas traditions is fulfilled.

    Not going to lie, this The Night Before drinking game will get you pretty messed up if you follow all the rules so please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one. No need to hurt yourself over a drinking game. If this wasn’t exactly what you’re looking for we also have a huge collection of great Holiday drinking games such as A Charlie Brown Christmas or Home Alone.

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    How about a Fallout 76 Drinking Game?

    This Fallout 76 drinking game will have everyone drinking to the first online multiplayer game in the fallout franchise. This is certainly one of the rockier experiences in the Fallout universe so having a few drinks might help push things along.

    This game is best played with multiple people in a group all drinking so that you’re all having the same experience although it’ll work just fine solo.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    Just pop in a copy of F76 on any platform. Then just grab a drink and follow these easy drinking rules.

    Fallout 76 Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever…

    • You fast travel. (even if you teleport to a player in your group).
    • You run into a player who you haven’t seen up until now
    • You get hit with a melee strike
    • You wonder when they are going to patch something in the game
    • A quest is completed
    • You spawn your camp
    • You become over encumbered
    • You catch yourself wishing you were just playing Fallout 3 or 4
    • You encounter a Deathclaw
    • Someone prompts you to fight. Take another sip if you refuse.

    Finish Your Drink Whenever You Die

    Intense Difficulty Mode: If you’re looking to take this drinking game from steady to bonkers then add in this simple drinking rule. Take a sip whenever you encounter a bug or glitch of any kind. Good luck!


    Our fallout 76 drinking game is a great way to enjoy this game while getting a buzz on at the same time. Since it’s a multiplayer game it makes for a funner drinking game experience than previous titles. Plus maybe after you’ve had a few you won’t notice all the bugs. Please make sure to always drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve been drinking. If you want to check out some more great video game drinking games click here!

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    The Christmas Chronicles Drinking Game

    Are you the type of person who loves to get a little tipsy around the holiday season? Well this year we decided to make a drinking game for Netflix’s annual attempt at a cookie cutter christmas special with The Christmas Chronicle Drinking Game.

    This movie is everything you ever wanted in a Chrismas movie and less. It’s sort of like “The Santa Clause” without most of the humor or story structure. So needless to say having a few beers might help you push through.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    The film (currently streaming on Netflix) and a few drinks. This game will work with any amount of people so grab a bunch of friends and get Marry!

    The Christmas Chronicles Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever

    • Santa is mentioned
    • The view is through a hand camera. (this is always marked with a date in the corner)
    • The death of their father comes up again
    • Someone scoffs at Santa because they don’t think he’s real
    • Ted does or says something angsty because he’s clearly far too cool for Christmas
    • Anyone says Teddy (for whatever reason people insist on saying his name whenever they speak to him)
    • You overhear a Christmas song playing
    • Someone talks about the Christmas spirit
    • Santa shows off a weird gadget for the first time

    Hard Mode: If you’re looking to take it to the next level then try taking a sip whenever Christmas is mentioned at all. Fair warning, that’s about every 3rd word in this film.

    This The Christmas Chronicles drinking game is a little intense. You might end up drinking a few bowls of holiday punch before it’s over especially if you brave the hard mode rules. So always make sure to take a breather if you need one and please drink responsibly.

    Check here for more great movie drinking games!

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