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    Bards Dispense Profanity Review – The Party Game For English Lit Majors

    Bards Dispense Profanity is a party card game by Why So Ever that’s geared towards all the Shakespeare fans out there. To sum it up Bards Dispense Profanity plays much like the fan favorite Cards Against Humanity except with outlandish quotes from the works of William Shakespeare.

    Recently we got a chance to test this game out and wrote a quick how-to-play guide, a review and of course our very own Chuggernauts drinking rules. The game features some fairly open ended yellow subject cards and a plethora of white cards that all contain quotes from all of Shakespeare’s 37 plays.

    How To Play The Game

    To start shuffle all the decks and then everyone snatches up 7 white cards.

    Each round someone serves as a judge and flips a yellow card. These are usually fairly standard prompts that the other players need to try and answer with their white cards.

    When ready each player puts in a white card except the judge. After that the judge flips them all and reads them aloud (preferably in your best old English accent). The judge then chooses an answer and whoever put that one down earns a point and keeps the card.

    Rounds continue as such with the judge rotating around the circle and people replenishing their hand to 7 cards each round.

    Probably best here to set a score to decide who wins, typically we play first to 5 points. But you might want to change that depending how many people are at the table.

    The Chuggernauts Drinking Rules!

    We decided to go the trivia route for this drinking game. Once per round the judge draws an additional white card and reads it out loud. Everyone else must now take a stab at which play it’s from, anyone who is incorrect takes a drink! (side bets are welcome).

    Bards Dispense Profanity Review

    We’re not going to lie, this game is geared toward a fairly specific audience. However, if you fall into that category or can think of someone who does then this would make an ideal gift that any fan of Shakespeare would adore.

    Bards Dispense Profanity is wacky and outlandish once you realize just how strange some of the quotes in Shakespeare’s work become once taken out of context. It serves as a great educational tool for a teacher or someone struggling to get people to enjoy these classic plays.

    Check it out on Amazon Here!

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    The Rushmore Card Game Review

    Rushmore is a card game developed by RushmoreGames that’s very easy to play and understand. It basically plays out like the categories drinking game but adds in some debatable cards and a massive deck of great category ideas. Just grab a drink, flip some cards, and share some laughs!

    How To Play

    As stated earlier this is one of the best parts about the game. It’s simplicity. All that you need to do is shuffle the deck (or multiple decks if you grabbed any of the expansion sets) and take turns flipping cards. The cards themselves come in two flavors; Category cards and Debatable cards. Points are earned through being the last one standing in a category game or having the best argument in a debatable game.

    Category Cards

    Just like in many classic card drinking games like Kingsonce this card is flipped players must take turns saying something that fits within the category on the card. Categories can be anything from “Slang terms for sex” to “fast food chains”. If anyone takes longer then 5 seconds or repeats an answer they are out of the game. Play continues until only 1 person remains. There’s also a few “you choose” category cards in there that let the drawer pick which of the two topics to play.

    Debatable Cards

    If you are the type of person who likes to have a few drinks and get into a good argument then these are the cards for you. These cards present a debatable subject like “best sports team of all time”. Then everyone goes in turn and makes their case. Once everyone is done then at the count of 3 everyone points to a single player, whoever got the most people point to them wins the round.

    The Chuggernauts Drinking Rules

    These rules practically write themselves so we’ll keep it simple.

    • If you get knocked out of a category round drink.
    • During debatable if the candidate you chose isn’t the winner, drink.
    • Play to 7 points. At the end of the game whoever had the least points finishes their drink.

    Rushmore Card Game Review

    This game is good for keeping conversation flowing. In our opinion it’s best played as a filler while watching a sporting event. Since it’s so easy to just pick up and play it makes for a great ice breaker if you want to just hang out and have a few brews.

    Check out their cheap and awesome game catalog here! 

    Although the Rushmore card game can get a little repetitive after a while they also offer expansions such as their Sports pack which features another whopping 117 cards for anyone who loves to flaunt their knowledge of all things spots. So combined with those two packs would have a total 234 cards so you can rest assured you’ll be playing a different game each time you pick up the deck.


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    How to Play the Conan Without Borders Drinking Game

    Our Conan Without Borders drinking game is for Conan’s recent travel show where he proves he can creep people out in any country regardless of language barriers. Each episode runs about an hour.

    This drinking game is a fun way to have some laughs and learn a little bit about a country while also giving yourself an excuse to get drunk. Just throw on any given episode of the show and follow these easy drinking rules.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    An episode or two of the show. (Currently streaming on Netflix) and some drinks.

    Conan Without Borders Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever Conan

    • Conan does his string dance
    • Tells a joke that lands flat
    • Eats something gross that’s from whatever country he’s in
    • Insults someone to their face
    • Claims he’s a massive star
    • Plays his guitar
    • Brings up his Irish heritage
    • Makes a reference to someone who’s famous in America
    • Pokes fun at Jordan Schlansky

    Take two drinks whenever…

    • Conan’s Irish heritage is brought up
    • Conan plays a musical instrument
    • Someone explicitly calls him weird
    • You actually learn something about a country

    If you plan on playing this Conan Without Borders drinking game then make sure to always drink responsibly and in moderation. You’re not famous enough to make a fool of yourself and have people love you for it. If you liked this game we have a ton of others over at our TV Show drinking games section!



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    The AGDQ Drinking Game

    Our AGDQ drinking game has people drinking to the Awesome Game Done Quick twitch show where professional speed runners compete to complete games at break-neck speeds all to benefit a charity. So if you want to have a few drinks and help out a great cause at the same time all you need to do is follow these easy peasy drinking rules.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    Some drinks (obviously) and the live stream of AGDQ. The event runs a full week so check out the schedule and play on a day where one of your favorite games are streaming.

    AGDQ Drinking Game Rules

    Take a drink whenever any of the following words are mentioned

    • Marathon
    • Shout-Out
    • Unlucky
    • T.A.S. levels
    • RNG
    • Boss Battle

    Take a drink whenever…

    • Someone’s in-game tag is mentioned
    • The audience claps
    • An anonymous donation comes up
    • The runner has to restart
    • A specific percentage is mentioned

    Take 3 drinks whenever…

    • Someone slips up and swears on stream
    • There’s a massive donation of over 1000$

    If someone breaks any kind of record in a game you must either finish your drink or donate 1 dollar to the stream. 

    Optional Rule: If you want to keep things more interesting players can make side bets on if a runner will beat his estimated time or not. Loser drinks an agreed on amount or must donate to the stream.


    We tried to make this AGDQ drinking game as general as possible so that it will work year after year, but feel free to incorporate some added rules around whoever is casting or playing on that specific day. Hope this inspires people to have fun and donate to a worthwhile cause while they’re at it. As with any drinking game please make sure to drink responsibly and if you think you’ve had enough consider taking a breather. Cheers!

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    The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Drinking Game

    This lotr drinking game is for the very first movie in the trilogy based on the fantastic J.R.R. Tolkein novels. So grab yourself a tall glass of Mirovar and get ready for a great drunken adventure!

    Before diving too deep into this drinking game keep in mind that this movie alone is nearly 3 hours long (closer to 4 if you choose the extended version) so if you want to play it all the way through you’re in for a long night of drinking. With that in mind let’s dive right in to our Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring drinking game!

    What You’ll Need To Play

    The original lotr movie (we recommend grabbing the extended edition) and some drinks.

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever…

    • Gollum says “My precious”
    • One of the hobbits talk about food
    • Samwise says “Mister Frodo”
    • Gandalf uses magic in any way
    • Anyone is being clearly tempted by the ring
    • Mordor is mentioned
    • Gandalf lets out a hearty laugh

    Take 2 sips whenever…

    • The eye of sauron is on screen
    • Someone is described as the “son of” someone else
    • Anyone makes fun of Gimli’s size
    • Legolas stares off into the distance for some reason
    • Pippin messes something up
    • Someoene speaks in elvish

    Chug your drink for as long as someone is invisible using the ring


    This Fellowship of the Ring drinking game can involve a lot of drinking since it lasts a few hours. So we suggest taking a break here and there to catch up with your wits. We’re currently working on making another game for each of the lotr movies (and maybe the Hobbit too!) which will all pop up shortly in our massive movie drinking game section!


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    DRINKILL – An Upcoming Epic Drinking Board Game on Kickstarter Now!

    A recent drinking game that has popped up on our radar that were very excited about. DRINKILL is a fully functional drinking board game that has recently started funding on kickstarter. If you want to get in early and check out some sweet backer bonus visit their kickstarter here!

    Now what peaked our interest about this game is the awesome artstyle and the fact that it uses multiple character classes to blend board gaming and drinking games. Which, as a bunch of drunken nerds, gets us very excited!

    What Is DRINKILL?

    From what we can gather DRINKILL is a little more than just a run of the mill drinking game.

    The objective of the game is fairly simple. Make it from the start of the board to the end of it and hopefully don’t get too trashed on the way there. There’s a variety of different spaces you can land on to make things a little more interesting or cause people to get their drink-on.

    To add to the excitement of the game everyone gets their own character complete with their own character icon and special power to help them get the edge and make it to the end first.

    Plus there’s an array of Item Cards that allow you to mess with your opponents in fun ways like making them take shots or issuing challenges.

    Where Can You Support This Game?

    Check out their currently running page on Kickstarter.com to help fund this dream and earn some sick backer bonuses in the meantime.

    You can visit their official site at www.drinkill.com for all the information you’ll need.

    If you’re looking to sink your teeth a little deeper and check out some progress updates and awesome artwork check out their Instagram Page. Drinkill promises to be a truly unique drinking and gaming experience so don’t miss this one!


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    Get Drunk and Confused with the Bandersnatch Drinking Game

    It’s time to get drunk and confused all at the same time with our great Black Mirror: Bandersnatch drinking game! I tried to keep this game as spoiler free as possible so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet.

    This movie (If it is considered a movie?) takes the usual confusion and creepiness that Black Mirror is known for and multiplies it. It’s a lot like those old choose-your-own-adventure type stories where you make decisions every once in a while that changes the path of the story. And since there’s multiple ending and possibilities it makes for a drinking game with a ton of replay value to try out some other story options.

    How Do You Play This Game?

    This one is a little different than our traditional movie drinking games. Every time a new scene starts the controller is passed to the next person playing the game, and whenever any of the drinking rules come up whoever holds the controller drinks! Once someone picks one of the options they pass on the controller to the next person. Plus at the start of the game everyone picks one of the main characters and if that character dies during the course of the game they must finish what’s left of their drink.

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Drinking Game Rules

    First things first. Everyone pick one main character. If that character dies throughout the course of the game whoever picked that person finishes their drink.

    The characters are…

    • Stefan
    • Petetr(Stefan’s dad)
    • Colin (The game programmer)
    • Mohun (The company owner)
    • Dr. Hayes (The psychiatrist)

    Take a sip during your turn if…

    • Any mentions making decisions or parallel universes
    • Someone says “Stefan”
    • Stefan pops some pills
    • A song begins to play because from one of the tape/records that were picked
    • You incorrectly guess a password, phone number, or code of some kind.
    • The title of a game or book is mentioned
    • Your decision causes the next person to play a scene that has already been played
    • You notice one of the glyphs (if there’s too many to count just take a big gulp)


    Our Black Mirror: Bandersnatch drinking game is all in good fun but always make sure to keep it a game. Drinking to excess can come with some serious health risks so take a break if and pass the controller if you think you need to. If you enjoy this game we also have a drinking game for the main series that’s worth a look.

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    The Polar Express Drinking Game

    This drinking game is for the animated Christmas classic Polar Express. So sit back with a few drinks and let Tom Hanks conduct you into a whimsical world of Christmas magic.

    This movie follows a young boy as he boards a train to the north pole. Throughout the whole movie you’re left wondering if all the magical happenings are part of a vivid imagination or a Christmas miracle. It’s one of those rare films that’s clearly made for children yet is thoroughly enjoyable for the whole family.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    All you’re going to need to play this game is a few drinks and the movie itself. If you want to get really festive try playing with some Eggnog  or cider.

    Polar Express Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your drink whenever…

    • Anyone says the name of the train “The Polar Express”
    • A golden ticket gets punched
    • Someone almost falls off the train
    • Someone boards or leaves the train
    • The hobo offers someone a cup of Jo
    • A song starts up or you hear a Christmas jingle in the background
    • You hear the train horn go off
    • The conductor checks his pocket watch or states how long until midnight

    Chug for as long as the train is going downhill

    Finish your drink when you can finally see Santa Clause for the first time


    This great Polar Express drinking game is an awesome way to enjoy a few drinks during the holiday season. But always remember to drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve been drinking. If you wanted to see more great christmas movie drinking games check out our massive collection on our drinking games page! 


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    The Dreidel Drinking Game to Kickstart Hanukkah

    The Dreidel drinking game is a great and simple way to have a few drinks with friends.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    A dreidel, 10 tokens per player (can be anything) and some drinks.

    How To Spin the Dreidel

    If you already know how the Dreidel game works and are just looking for the drinking rules sections go ahead and skip this part.

    The object of the game is simple. Be the last one with tokens. Everyone starts the game with 10 tokens. (these can be anything from pennies to poker chips, doesn’t matter). To kick the game off everyone puts 1 token into the pot.

    Players take turns spinning it and depending what it lands on is what they have to do.

    1. Nun or Nes means nothing. Nothing happens.
    2. Gimel or Gadol means everything. Take every token in the pot.
    3. Hey or Haya means half. Take half the pot rounded up.
    4. Shin or Sham means put in. Put a token into the pot.

    Whenever the pot is empty each player must put 1 more token into the pot. When one player has all the tokens he/she wins! If someone is out of tokens they may no longer spin the dreidel but they may ask another player for a loan to get back into the game.

    Dreidel Drinking Game Rules

    Now that you know how to play these Dreidel drinking rules should be pretty easy to follow.

    • Whenever you get Hey, assign someone else to take a drink of their drink.
    • Whenever you get Gimel, assign someone else to take 2 drinks from their drink.
    • If you get Shin you must take a drink of your own drink.
    • If you get get the same letter 3 spins in a row you must finish your drink.
    • In order to get back into the game and take a loan from another player you must drink for each token received.
    • When someone wins the game each losing player must cheers and take a sip to their glory.
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    The Santa Clause 2 Drinking Game

    The long awaited sexual to our original Santa Clause drinking game. We decided to make another one for the second film in the series. The Santa clause 2 drinking game has people drinking to this Tim Allen Christmas classic.

    This movie follows Scott Calvin as he tries desperately to find a Ms Clause before Xmas or risk losing his magic powers. Much like all Tim Allen comedies it’s a light hearted family movie stuff with subtle sex jokes to keep the adults entertained. Which is why we thought it’d make a great drinking game!

    What You’ll Need To Play

    All you’re going to need is a bit of Christmas spirit (alcohol) and a copy of the film.

    The Santa Clause 2 Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your holiday beverage whenever…

    • Anyone in the movie says “Merry Christmas”
    • The toy Santa orders someone to do something
    • A reindeer talks in it’s weird Ewok-esque language
    • Someone doubts that Scott is Santa
    • Anyone says the word “believe”
    • A snow-globe appears on screen
    • Someone says “naughty” or “nice”

    Take a big chug whenever…

    • Someone is put through the toy machine
    • Scott loses one of his Santa-esque traits
    • Someone brings up McDonalds in an act of clear product placement

    Chug for the entire time that Scott’s blind date sings her horribly cringey Christmas number.

    This Santa Clause 2 drinking game to get a warm for the winter season but always make sure to please drink in moderation. If you liked this game we have a crapload more drinking games to christmas movies here.


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    How to Play The Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game

    X  For the uninitiated this show is a new Horror series that’s based off a novel of the same name. The show revolves around the mysterious and deadly happenings at a solitary house. So we decided to come up with the Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game to help calm your nerves enough to get through this eerie series.

    This show has all the makings of a great supernatural TV show. It maintains a constant eerie feeling to keep you on edge at all times so don’t go into this one unless you’re ready for a good scare.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    A few good episodes of the show and some drinks. The show itself is currently streaming on Netflix.

    The Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game Rules

    Take a sip of your tasty beverage whenever…

    • Someone says “dad” or “daddy”
    • Slow creepy music begins to play
    • Someone wakes up from a nightmare
    • There’s a jump scare
      • Take 3 sips instead if you got scared and jumped
    • Anyone sends or receives a text message or phone call
    • Someone feels the need to clarify that they don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural
    • A doorknob begins to shake or jiggle
    • Anyone uses an analogy to try and explain something

    Finish Your Drink Whenever Someone Is Pronounced Dead In The Show. (not including flashbacks)

    This Haunting of Hill House drinking game can be quite a lot of alcohol consumption especially if you’re a bit of a wuss and jump at the many many jump scares in the series. So make sure to always drink responsibly and keep hydrated. Good news is not that many people die in this show so that rule won’t come up all too often. If you liked this movie you might want to check out some more of our horror movie drinking games here.

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    How To Play The Bad Santa Drinking Game!

    Bad Santa is one of the most adult Christmas movies you can find so we decided to create a Bad Santa drinking game. With all the drinking and overall bad decisions that happen in this movie it makes for the perfect drinking game.

    This film is a raunchy dark comedy all about a couple of horrible people out to ruin Christmas. Except this time it’s not the Grinch it’s Willie as they travel from mall to mall trying to pull off heists dressed as beloved Christmas characters. It’s one of those movies that’s not at all suited for children but still manages to tell the tale of someone finding the Christmas spirit.

    What You’ll Need To Play

    For this drinking game just grab a few drinks and follow these super easy drinking rules.

    Bad Santa Drinking Game Rules

    Take A Sip Whenever…

    • Willie is seen drinking alcohol
    • Someone says “Santa Claus”
    • Willie and/or Marcus steal something or scam someone
    • Willie has sex.
    • A child tells Santa what they want for Christmas
    • Thurman bears witness to something downright traumatic
    • Anyone says “Merry Christmas!”
    • Someone takes drugs
    • Santa pretends to be sick
    • Someone mentions Sandwiches

    Finish your drink whenever…

    • The bullies get beaten up.

    If you want to get really intense try drinking whenever someone swears in the movie. You’ll be drunk in no-time.


    Our Bad Santa drinking game is the perfect way to enjoy this dark holiday comedy. However it can be an awful lot of drinking even if the drink finishing rule only comes up twice in the film so always make sure to take it easy and drink responsibly. If this style of not-at-all-for-kids Christmas movie is your forte then we suggest taking a look at our The Night Before drinking game!


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