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    The Ultimate Pawn Stars Drinking Game

    This Pawn Stars drinking game is the perfect way to relive this classic pawn show since basically every episode plays out the same way. Someone offers rick some kind of antique, rick brings in an expert, then offers an amount much lower than expected. All while the old man grumbles and Chumlee is his lovably […] More

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    How To Play Drink If… Plus Example Questions!

    Drink If… is a simple verbal drinking game in which people simply state things and anyone who matches that description drinks. It’s a great idea for bachelor or bachelorette parties to get people talking before a night out. What You’ll Need To Play All you need is some drinks and a bit of creativity. If […] More

  • The Taylor Swift Drinking Game by The Chuggernauts

    The Unofficial Taylor Swift Drinking Game

    The Unofficial (please don’t copywrite strike me) Taylor Swift drinking game is a game that can be played to any T-Swift song, album or compilation. Given how much she runs with the same themes of bitter love stories most of the drinking rules should come into play fairly often. We also made a small list […] More

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    How to Play the Roxanne Drinking Game

    For the uninitiated; the Roxanne drinking game is a game played to the hit song by The Police “Roxanne”. The song itself is all about a man falling in love with a prostitute who is still hookin’ to make ends meet. And that kind of debauchery is exactly why this song pairs so well with […] More

  • Freedom of Speech Game Review by The Chuggernauts
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    Freedom Of Speech Review

    Unlike the first amendment the Freedom of Speech card game is all about being restricted not to say certain words while you act out some of the dirtiest situations possible. It’s a race against the buzzer to get your team mates to guess as many of your filthy actions as possible to earn those sweet […] More

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    How To Play What Are The Odds

    The vocal game “What Are The Odds” is akin to truth or dare with only the daring part. To summarize it what happens is one person proposes a dare then both players guess a number. If they match they the one who was dared is S.O.L. and is stuck doing the task. Be warned, this […] More

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    Game Of Shots App Review

    Game of Shots is a drinking game App by Wired Koala Studios that lists a bunch of really unique and fun drinking games. It currently has a list of about 23 drinking games many of which are entirely unique to this app. Ranging from card games to pong games to small mini games like minesweeper […] More

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    An Awesome RoboRally Drinking Game

    As far as board games that are funner after a few beers go Robo Rally is one of the best. The game itself is fairly balanced as it is so our RoboRally drinking game just adds some drinking rules to raise the stakes and make you want to mess with your opponents more. For those […] More

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    Flip Pong Rules – Beer Pong and Flip Cup Combined

    Flip Pong (or Flong as it’s commonly known) is a mix of beer pong and flip cup. It’s a team drinking game where participants try to sink all their cups before the opposing team can do the same. Pretty simple on the surface yet extremely competitive. What You’ll Need To Play Flong A stack of […] More

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