Chase the Unicorn Drinking Game

How to Play Chase The Unicorn - The Chuggernauts

The Chase the Unicorn Drinking Game is basically hide and seek for adults. It’s a clever way to spice up a pub crawl by making players have to try and find each other across various pubs. How it works is each player brings in some money and then randomly a player is given all the money. That player now goes to a bar in a chosen area and starts drinking with the money. If anyone finds them they can join in and drink with them until either everyone has found the Unicorn or the money has run out.

What You’ll Need

About 20 dollars per player, a designated area with tons of bars, and a good handful of players.

Setting It Up

For this game it’s important that everyone agrees on an area to play the game. So pick a trendy area in your city and maybe write a small list of the bars in the area that are going to be “in-play”. The more the better. Then make sure everyone brings in some money if they want to participate and agree on a bar to start the game off.

Once everyone is there a Unicorn must be chosen at random. (Or if it’s someone’s birthday or something you can just assign them to be the unicorn).

How to Play Chase the Unicorn

Once the Unicorn is chosen the game begins. The Unicorn gets all the money and everyone else must go to the bar and order a drink. If you want to add some extra hilarity you can give the Unicorn something easy to spot like a horse mask.

The Unicorn leaves the bar and runs off to any bar they want. Everyone else can’t leave the initial bar until their drink is done. This gives the Unicorn a chance to hide.

Now the game really begins. Players run around to different bars, staying together or splitting up, hoping to end up at the same bar as the unicorn. Regardless if they find the Unicorn or not as long as a player steps foot in a bar they MUST order a drink and drink it. So choose wisely.

The Unicorn can move around and switch bars, or stay at the same one. up to them.

If anyone finds the Unicorn they become part of their pack. meaning they can partake in spending the money on drinks.

Once everyone has found the unicorn, or the money has run dry, send out a text or start calling people to let them know the game is done. Good luck!


The Chase the Unicorn drinking game is a great way to enjoy a night on the town. You want a good organizer to get this all set up so everything runs smoothly. This is also a great bachelor party game.