How to Play Bar Curling

Bar Curling is the natural byproduct of people sitting at the bar wondering how to pass the time. It’s a simple version of Gelande Quaffing. The idea of the game is much like curling except it uses some beers and a bar counter.

Setting It Up

For this game you need to outline some scoring zones at each end of a bar top or regular counter top. There should be 3 zones on each end. The 6 pt zone (6 inches closest to the edge), the 3 pt zone (6 inches further than that) and the 1 pt zone (6 inches further). These can be marked with anything from a small piece of tape to a mark on the table.

Now each team needs 1 empty mug and one full mug to drink from. The empty one will be for sliding and the other for drinking when the opposing team scores. This game is typically played 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2.

How to Play Bar Curling

Now on to the game. Teams take turns trying to slide their empty cup from their end into one of their opponents scoring zones. If they land it in a zone they get points equal to that zone and the opponents need to drink that much.

The first team to reach 12 points wins the game. The losing team must finish their drinks within those 12 sips regardless of the size of the drink.

There is a way to get 12 points in a single throw however. If someone can manage to curl the cup all the way to the end of the table so that some of the cup is hanging off the table then they get awarded 12 points and automatically win the game.


Bar Curling is a fun way to down some beers. It helps to have a catcher on one end to try and make sure as few glasses are broken as possible.