Pennies Drinking Game

Pence Drinking Game -

The Pennies drinking game is very similar to the popular Quarters drinking game.The aim of the game is for players to bounce their penny into a shallow whiskey glass. If they get it they tell someone else to take a drink and go again, if they fail their turn is over. This game works with any amount of players.

What You’ll Need

A good handful of pennies and some drinks for every player. Then everyone should gather around a table. Make sure the table is stable enough that the coins bounce properly.

Pennies Drinking Game Rules

Play order of this game is clockwise. On their turn they try to bounce a penny into the shallow empty whiskey glass in the center of the table.

If the penny lands in the glass then that player can assign someone else to take a sip. If it misses then their turn is over and it’s the next players turn.

If a player ever gets 3 pennies in a row to land into the glass then they can come up with a new game rule. This can be anything at all and if any player breaks the rule they must take a sip.

If ever a player hits the rim of the glass and it doesn’t land in the glass then they have to take a sip of their own drink.

This game continues until someone gets 5 pennies in a row to land in the glass. They win the game. Everyone else cheers to their success and finish their drinks.


The pennies drinking game is often played differently. Sometimes people fill up the center glass and have players drink from it when they miss. But as with any game that involves drinking please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.