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    What Is An Ice Luge?

    What Is an Ice Luge? An Ice Luge is a small slide made of ice used to funnel beverages into someone’s mouth. The idea of an Ice Luge is to pour liquor down a small ice-sculpture into the awaiting lips of a person below. Sometimes also known as a Shooter Block or a Martini Luge […] More

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    How to Play Goon of Fortune

    For the uninitiated a Goon is an Australian term used to describe a cheap box of wine. The Goon of Fortune drinking game is one that involves taking the bag out of the box and attaching it to one of those circular spinning clotheslines. Then you give that badboy a spin and whoever the goon […] More

  • Flip Cup
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    Flip Cup Elimination

    Flip Cup Elimination is a drinking game very much similar to Survivor Flip Cup except with a bit less drinking and a bit more balance. Basically it plays out like a multiple round game of flip-cup where the winning team gets to eliminate a player from the losing team after every match. The key difference […] More

  • Flip Cup

    Survivor Flip Cup Rules

    This game is a simple variation on the classic flip cup. Basically what separates Survivor Flip Cup is at the end of each round the losing team must elect a player to be removed from the team. (often chopping off the weakest link). Which results in more and more drinking for the remaining team members […] More

  • The Chuggernauts
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    Clock Drinking Game

    This drinking game is one we made ourselves. The idea is for every player to secretly select a number from 1-60 then players must chug whenever their number shows up on the clock. It’s pretty easy to play and works best with 6-10 people. What You’ll Need A piece of paper, pencils, a case of […] More

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    Peanut Races Drinking Game

    The peanut races drinking game is a great drinking game to play at a pub or somewhere you can easily get some salted peanuts. The game is easy, just drop a peanut into your pint and whoever’s peanut is the last to come up loses and they gotta chug the drink. It works with any […] More

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    Jugs Drinking Game

    The Jugs Drinking Game is easy to play and works really well in a pub setting. It’s similar to a lot of other games like Depth Charge. This game works with anywhere from 2-10 players. The idea of the game is to add some of your drink to a glass that’s floating in a pitcher, […] More

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    Irish Quarters Rules

    Like many other drinking games originating from Ireland, the Irish Quarters drinking game is not for the faint of liver. The game itself has no real winner or loser and involves a whole lot of beer chugging. The basics of the game is the player spins a quarter, chugs a drink, refills the drink, then […] More

  • Hurdler

    Hurdles Drinking Game

    The Hurdles Drinking Game is basically a beer chugging race out of an ice cube tray. It’s a 1-on-1 drinking game where players compete to see who can drain their side of an ice cube tray first through a straw. What You’ll Need An ice cube tray, a beer for each contestant, and two straws. […] More

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