Up Jenkins Drinking Game

This coin drinking game is one where players try to guess where the coin is hidden. The Up Jenkins drinking game is played in teams, it doesn’t really matter how many players there are as long as they are divided as equally as possible among the two teams.

Each team should elect a captain, they will be in charge of starting with the coin and calling out when the other team has to show the coin. After captains are decided the two captains pick heads or tails and the coin is flipped, whoever is correct gets to start the game.

Up Jenkins Rules

The idea of this game is to guess where the opposing team is hiding the coin. Once the game begins the captain of the starting team grabs the coin and hides it under the table. They may now pass the coin around under the table to whoever they want on their team. It can be continually passed around as much as players want but be careful not to let the opposing team know where it’s hidden.

At any point after 10 seconds the opposing teams captain can yell “Up Jenkins!”. At which point each player on the team with the coin must raise their hands in the air, being careful to keep them in a fist to not show where the coin is hidden.

After that the opposing captain yells “Down Jenkins!”. Now every player on the coin hiding team must slam their hands down flat on the table. Trying their best to minimize the sound of the coin hitting the table.

From there the team without the coin needs to guess where the coin is. After they decide the captain taps one of the hands on the table. If they are correct on the first guess, the entire team with the coin needs to drink 5 sips. If they are incorrect the team without the coin drinks and guesses again. This continues until the coin is found. The coin hiding team only has to drink if their coin is found on the first guess.

After this a new round starts and the other team becomes the ones hiding the coin.


The Up Jenkins drinking game is a great game that works well at any kind of pub where players can sit around a table. It usually results in some pretty hilarious mishaps.