Chuckies Drinking Game

The Chuckies drinking game is a 1v1 drinking game where players race to see who can get more of their coins into the opponents glass in a short time limit. It’s sort of like that basketball game at arcades where players try to sink more balls than their opponent in an allotted time.

What You’ll Need

Two glasses (Not solo cups because those will fall over) , about 20 coins per player, and some form of 30 second timer like a stopwatch or just on a cellphone. Plus drinks for each player.

Set Up

To set up this game simply place two glasses near each other on the same end of a table. Then the two competing players stand on the opposite end of the table from the glasses, and get ready the timer and their pile of coins.

Chuckies Drinking Game Rules

The object of this game is to sink more coins in your opponents cup than they can in yours. Once the timer start players can start throwing their coins as quick or slow as they want. But be careful because it can be pretty easy to accidentally score coins into your own cup.

At the end of the game the player who sunk the least coins in their opponents cup must drink the difference of coins between them. For example if Player 1 sunk 12 coins and Player 2 sunk 6 coins, Player 2 would be drinking 6 times. (12 – 6 = 6).

This game can also be played with a “Skunking” rule. Where if a player loses by more than 5 coins instead of drinking the amount they must take a shot of hard alcohol of the winners choosing.


The Chuckies drinking game is a race against the clock, but you also don’t wanna throw all your coins too fast and end up missing the majority of them. No matter how you choose to play, please remember to drink responsibly.