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Irish Quarters Rules

Like many other drinking games originating from Ireland, the Irish Quarters drinking game is not for the faint of liver. The game itself has no real winner or loser and involves a whole lot of beer chugging. The basics of the game is the player spins a quarter, chugs a drink, refills the drink, then grabs the quarter before it stops spinning. The next player must drink however much the player before them managed to pour in the cup during their turn.

What You’ll Need

A quarter or a large coin, and empty mug and a whackload of booze.

Irish Quarters Drinking Game Rules

Before the game starts fill the mug about half way. Gameplay goes in a clockwise order.

Whoever is first up must start spinning the quarter on the table. Then they chug their drink. Then they add as much beer as they want into the drink. Then they grab the quarter before it stops spinning.

If they managed to do all of that correctly then it’s the next persons turn and however much booze the last player put in the cup is what they’ll be drinking.

If they failed to do this before the quarter stops they lose. They need to try again and must now drink whatever they left in their own cup for their own next turn. The only way to pass the turn is to complete all the steps and catch the quarter before it stops. In the event of an empty cup at the start of a turn, fill it half way.

The tough part about this game is balancing how much beer to pour in the cup while still being able to get the quarter before it stops.


With the Irish Quarters drinking game it’s pretty easy to get carried away. So please make sure to drink responsibly.