How To Play The Devil’s Triangle Drinking Game

Lately there’s been a bit of a huff over a particular drinking game known as Devil’s Triangle. Mostly because it was mentioned in the high school yearbook of Brett Kavanaugh. When questioned about he he claimed it was a drinking game ‘akin to quarters’.

As someone who has researched countless drinking game books and helped create the world’s biggest drinking game website it seemed a little strange that I’ve never heard of this before in any capacity. So we decided to do our due diligence and create a game based off his description.

How To Play The Devil’s Triangle Drinking Game

Now given we haven’t been able to find this game anywhere we’re going to make up this game based on his limited description. We have two pieces of information. 3 cups in a triangle and that it’s a Quarters game. Given the name we can assume it’s a pretty heavy drinking game.

What You’ll Need To Play

3 cups and a quarter. (best to grab multiple in case you lose any). This one is a 3 player game.

Setting It Up

Fill all three cups and place them on the center of the table equal distance apart from each other. Fill each cup to the brim. Each player claims one of the cups.

Playing The Game

The goal of the game is to get the other player’s to finish their drinks before you do by bouncing a quarter into their cups.

Pick someone to start the game. They choose which cup they want to shoot at. The aim is to bounce the quarter off of the table and land it in someone else’s cup, much like in regular quarters.

If they miss then they take a sip of their drink and try to shoot again. Keep going until it lands in a cup.

Once it lands in a cup, whoever’s cup it’s in now has to retaliate. They get ONE try to bounce it into someone else’s cup otherwise they must take a drink and now it’s their turn to start bouncing until they get it in someone’s cup.

Player’s can retaliate multiple times. For every time someone correctly lands it in a cup to retaliate it adds one more drink to whoever breaks the chain and misses.

Once someone has failed enough times and has finished their drink they lose the game. They must finish all three cups on the table and now they get to kick off the next game.


That about covers it for our version of the Devil’s Triangle drinking game. Whether this is actually a real game or just covering for something else, we can’t be too sure.