Speed Quarters

Speed Quarters is a variant on the classic quarters that is much faster and a little messier. The idea here is that players aren’t taking turns and are trying to bounce the other players drinks in the central glass as quick as possible. The last player who’s coins have not all been sunk in the glass wins. This works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

A large amount of coins, any size, about 3 per player. A permanent marker. A large empty glass and some drinks.

Setting It Up

First everyone takes three coins and then marks them with their initials using the permanent marker. This is important because you want to try and not sink your own quarters. Then fill the glass in the middle with beer. After that each player should have 3 coins in front of them with their initials on them. Players should sit around a table for this game with the cup in the middle.

Speed Quarters Drinking Game Rules

The object of the game is to sink all 3 of your coins before the other players can do the same. As soon as the game starts players start rapid firing their coins at the drink. There’s no turns here so just go as fast as you can. If you finish shooting your coins and haven’t gotten all of them in the drink you need to run around and find where it landed and get back to your seat to finish shooting them.

Other players can not hide other players coins or pick them up off the ground but they can pass them around the table, so it’s totally fair to pass someones coin around the table and watch them run in circles trying to get it in frustration.

The last player to sink their coins in the glass loses. They have to chug it.


Speed Quarters is an interesting variant for those who are dulled by the slow pace of regular quarters.