Coin Toss Drinking Game

The coin toss drinking game requires little more than a handful of coins and a few pint glasses. It’s best played with as many people as you can gather. Too few and the game won’t be very interesting. This game often leads to a spill or two so it’s probably best to play it in the kitchen or somewhere you won’t have to be cleaning up the carpet.

What You’ll Need

A large handful of coins. At least 2 for every player playing. Then every player needs to be drinking out of an open mouthed pint glass. Before the game starts place all the coins in the center of the room. Every player must place their drinks in front of them, somewhere that every other player has a clear line-of-sight.

Coin Toss Drinking Game Rules

At the count of three the game starts. Each player may now try to grab a coin from the middle. Players are only allowed to pick up one coin at a time and cannot stock-pile coins.

This game doesn’t work in turns so play as fast as you can!

Players try to toss coins into each other’s drinks. If a coin lands in your drink you need to chug it and are out of the game. Players may get up to get a coin if they need.

All coins must be tossed, not dropped. Players cannot simply drop their coin into their neighbors glass.

Players may not block their cups with their hands. If anyone clearly violates this rule and are called on it, they must chug their drink and are out of the game.

The winner is the last player without a coin in their drink.


This version of the coin toss drinking game is pretty easy to throw out at any given party as long as there’s enough cups to go around.