Taps Drinking Game

The Taps drinking game is one of the easiest ones you’ll ever find. Plus all it requires is that each player has a coin and is sitting around a table. The basic object of the game is to not mess up. Players take turns tapping the table, once for left and twice for right. First player to mess up what they were supposed to do takes a drink. This game works with anywhere from 3-12 players.

What You’ll Need

A coin for every player (denomination doesn’t matter) and some drinks. Players should sit around a table for this game.

Taps Drinking Game Rules

A player is chosen to start the game. Then tap their coin on the table once or twice. If it was once the play passes clockwise. If it was twice play passes counter clockwise.

First to mess it up drinks! That’s it. Messing it up can either mean tapping out of turn or taking too long to tap.

If you’re having a bit of an easy time with this game try doubling it up. Each player gets 2 coins and there’s now two starting players. Which means there’s two chains of tappers to follow and keep your eyes on.


The taps drinking coin game is really straight forward; if you’re looking for a coin game with a bit more complexity try out the classic Up Jenkins. As with any drinking game you decide to play please make sure not to get out of control and drink responsibly.