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    How To Play Pig – And A Pig Drinking Game

    Pig is a dice game in which players try to get to 100 points first by adding together their dice and hoping not to roll a 1 in the meantime. Our pig drinking game adds some simple drinking rules which makes it a great game for parties or gatherings. First we’ll outline how to play […] More

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    How To Play The 6 Shooter Drinking Game

    The 6 shooter drinking game is a simple one, involving a die and 6 cups with varying amounts of alcohol. It’s a game of complete chance so it’s great for pre-gaming. We suggest playing with anywhere from 3-8 players, any more than that and it because a bit of a slog waiting for your turn […] More

  • Dicey Review by The Chuggernauts
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    Dicey Review

    Dicey is a dice and card game full of hilarious and unusual drinking challenges. The premise is simple. Roll Dicey, draw a card, and be faced with a ridiculous mini game that you’ll have to complete to avoid a drinking penalty. How To Play The setup for this game is rather simple. Seperate the cards […] More

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    How to Play The Latin Drinking Game Dudo

    The Dudo Drinking Game is one that dates back at least 400 years. Rumored to have been taught to the Spanish by an Incan king. Dudo (Spanish for “I Doubt”) is a popular south american dice game similar to Liar’s Dice. In this game each player rolls their dice in secret and take bets on […] More

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    Drunco – The Bunco Drinking Game

    We decided to make some fun drinking rules for Bunco. For those that have never played it, it’s a dice game where 12 people compete to win the most games at the head table. So it’s a great dice game for larger groups. Our Bunco drinking game uses all the base rules to Bunco and […] More

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    How to Play the Kismet Drinking Game

    For the uninitiated Kismet is a older Turkish dice game that plays out similar to the more modern dice game Yahtzee. This Kismet drinking game takes a regular game of Kismet and adds some fun drinking rules to make it more exciting. What You’ll Need To Play First thing you’ll need is a copy of […] More

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    21-31 Drinking Game Rules

    21-31 is a dice drinking game that’s pretty easy to follow along with and play. It’s entirely chance based. The game is best with about 6 players but works with anywhere from 2-10 people. The goal of the game is to NOT get the lowest score or risk drinking. Plus there’s a few special rolls […] More

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    How to Play The High Jinks Drinking Game

    This game originates from mid 1600s in Scotland (Sometimes spelled High Jinks, and traditionally spelled Hey-Jinks). It was a dice game in which someone would cast the dice and have to perform a task if their score was too low, such as chugging a glass of liquor.  Most people know the term to mean getting […] More

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