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    The Blind Bets Card Game

    This card game comes from the reddit user u/WintersWarmth. It’s an easy to play game that works best in bigger groups. However there’s tons of variations and optional rules if you want to add a bit of complexity. What You’ll Need To Play A standard 52 card deck and any number of players. (Recommended at […] More

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    21-31 Drinking Game Rules

    21-31 is a dice drinking game that’s pretty easy to follow along with and play. It’s entirely chance based. The game is best with about 6 players but works with anywhere from 2-10 people. The goal of the game is to NOT get the lowest score or risk drinking. Plus there’s a few special rolls […] More

  • The Law and Order SVU drinking game - the chuggernauts
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    Law and Order SVU Drinking Game

    This Law and Order : SVU drinknig game was a user submission from the reddit user u/sasha4206. As it stands SVU is one of the longest running series that’s still airing new episodes so you’ll have plenty to choose from. This game works great with any episode because there’s certain things that will certainly come […] More

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    Reason To Drink

    This vocal drinking game was a user submission by a user that goes by the name Noobworld. It’s a simple game that’s easily played at any party or get together as long as everyone is clear on the rules. The Reason to Drink drinking game has players choosing for a reason to drink and drinking […] More

  • Wii Bowling Drinking Game -
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    Wii Bowling Drinking Game

    This Wii Bowling drinking game comes from Reddit user u/spaceman550. Basically it adds some useful drinking rules to Wii Bowling because let’s face it, this entire system becomes the funnest thing in the world once you have a few beers in you. Wii bowling actually had quite the success in uniting people due to it’s […] More

  • The Matrix Drinking Game -
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    The Matrix Drinking Game

    This Matrix Drinking Game was a user submission by┬áZachery Dean Stanley. Rather than going the traditional boring route of “drink whenever x” this game has players taking red or blue shots hoping to get the one that’s water instead of vodka. Are you confident you know the answer? The Matrix is an instant classic sci-fi […] More

  • Connect Pour Drinking Game
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    Connect Pour

    For those who wish beer pong had just a little more strategy there’s always the Connect Pour Drinking Game. This user submission is a perfect fit for your next party if you have enough cups and drinks to play it. If you know how to play beer pong and connect four it should be very […] More