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Connect Pour

Connect Pour Drinking Game

For those who wish beer pong had just a little more strategy there’s always the Connect Pour Drinking Game. This user submission is a perfect fit for your next party if you have enough cups and drinks to play it. If you know how to play beer pong and connect four it should be very easy to understand.

Unlike beer pong both teams stand on the same side of the table. As players sink the ball into one of the cups in the 6×7 grid they flip the cup over and place their token on it. Once either team makes a row of 4 of their tokens anywhere on the grid they win the game.


42 solo cups, A ping pong ball, 42 tokens or chips (can be anything from coins to poker chips as long as there’s enough for each team) and drinks.


Set Up:

Create a grid of 6×7 grid of cups. This is 42 cups total in a square, 6 deep and 7 across. Make sure you put an even amount of drink in each cup. With 42 cups it doesn’t need to be that much since a lot of them might be left over at the end.


Connect Pour Rules:

Much like the game of connect 4 the goal is to get four tokens in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Teams alternate taking one shot each on the same end of the table. If they sink the ball in a cup the opposing team has a chance to steal by then sinking a ball in the same cup. If they fail to steal then the cup is drank by the opposing team and flipped upside down. Once the cup is flipped put a token on top of it for the team that sank it. A steal attempt is still considered “live” which means if it lands in a separate cup then the team that it counts and the next team must try to steal that cup.


Connect Pour is a great and interactive drinking game. It’s requires quite a bit more strategy and precision than the classic beer pong. It works best in teams of 2 but can be expanded to any size really as long as players take turns tossing. Usually when this game is complete you’ll be left with quite a few cups with drinks in them. If you’re looking to drain those cups once you’re done here’s some ways we found to do that.

  • Keep them for the next round of Connect Pour.
  • Give them all to the losing team to chug.
  • Combine them and then have a game of Flip Cup afterwards between the two teams.


Either way you slice it this will be a pretty decent amount of drinking so please remember to Drink Responsibly. It’s only a game and not worth risking your personal health.