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    Siege Pong Review – Beer Pong Evolved

    Siege Pong is a beer pong style game by Rusalka Games¬†where players try to eliminate eachothers cups. Unlike beer pong however this game uses clever RPG style game elements like classes and cards to help you gain the edge and destroy your opponents fortress. What Is Siege Pong? Siege pong is what happens when Lord […] More

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    Flip Pong Rules – Beer Pong and Flip Cup Combined

    Flip Pong (or Flong as it’s commonly known) is a mix of beer pong and flip cup. It’s a team drinking game where participants try to sink all their cups before the opposing team can do the same. Pretty simple on the surface yet extremely competitive. What You’ll Need To Play Flong A stack of […] More

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    Slam Pong Drinking Game Rules

    Slam Pong is a sort of cross between beer pong and traditional table tennis. Unlike beer pong it does require both players to use a ping pong paddle. The goal of this beer drinking game is to land the ping pong ball into the cup, hit it, or knock it over. Rallies take place much […] More

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    Rage Cage Drinking Game

    The Rage Cage drinking game (also sometimes known as the stack cup drinking game) is very similar to a game known as Boom Cup. The game itself is very fast paced. The objective is to bounce a ping pong ball into a plastic cup as fast as you can before another player before you can […] More

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    History of the Beirut Drinking Game

    Beirut (also commonly known as Beer Pong) is a drinking game that involves players or teams of players sinking a ping pong ball into each others cups. This drinking game is probably the more common and famous drink you’ll find. It uses the tried and true formula of adding alcohol to a simple task to […] More

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    BeiRipped Rules

    BeiRipped (Sometimes known simply as beirip) is a clever drinking game that is a mix of beirut and flip cup. The goal is to sink a cup in order to make the other team be on Defense and finish off their cups. Setting It Up This game requires some plastic cups to fill up and […] More

  • Mini Baseball Pong In Action! - the chuggernauts
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    Mini Baseball Pong – Better Than Beer League

    Recently released by the Scienz Group, this mini baseball pong board sets up a 9 inning pong style drinking baseball game. It comes complete with some tiny launchers that shoot a small ping pong ball that’s also tethered to the board with a magnet. This game basically takes the baseball coin drinking game and kicks […] More

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    Civil War Drinking Game

    This game is one of the more hectic out there. The Civil War drinking game is very similar to Beer Pong in a lot of ways. The major difference being it’s a race against the clock and players aren’t taking turns. This drinking game is played in two teams of 3. So 6 players total […] More

  • Boom Cup Drinking Game -

    Boom Cup Drinking Game

    The Boom Cup Drinking Game (Also known as the Slap Cup drinking game) is a great game for parties especially if the crowd is tired of the classic beer pong and are looking for something a little more fast paced. Plus there’s something satisfying about slapping a cup out from under someone before they can […] More

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    BucketBall takes the classic Beer Pong and makes it large as life. It’s another testament to the fact that drinking games are just funner when they’re bigger.¬†This is one of those games you whip out at a part or festival and by the end of the game you have a crowd of people watching waiting […] More

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