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21-31 Drinking Game Rules

21-31 is a dice drinking game that’s pretty easy to follow along with and play. It’s entirely chance based. The game is best with about 6 players but works with anywhere from 2-10 people.

The goal of the game is to NOT get the lowest score or risk drinking. Plus there’s a few special rolls that will either make you put some of your drink into a cup or chug whatever is already in that cup. This game is great for a pre game to kick off a night of drinking.

What You’ll Need To Play

You’re going to need two six sided dice and a drink for each person. Plus an additional empty cup to put in the center of the table.

To set up the game everyone should sit around a table or at least near a surface you can roll the dice on fairly.

How To Play the 21-31 Drinking Game

People take turns rolling the two dice trying to get the highest score possible. The score is equal to the high number then the low number. So a roll of 1 and 3 would be a score of 31.

After each person rolls they can elect to reroll at the cost of drinking once. If they do this they MUST accept the second result.

Whoever loses the round by having the lowest score must drink half a beer.

Special Rolls

21: If a 21 is scored then whoever rolled it can pour as much of their drink as they want into the cup in the middle of the table.

31: If a 31 is scored then whoever rolled it gets to choose anyone at the table to finish the cup in the middle. If it’s empty they can instead fill it up.

66: If someone rolls the elusive 66 they get to create a game rule. The rule must be an effect that happens when a certain number is rolled. It might help to write it down.


Full disclosure; 21-31 may or may not be the real name for this game. This game is only based off loose memories of a game sort of like this one so if anyone wants to come forward and let us know the real rules to this game please do!