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Wii Bowling Drinking Game

Wii Bowling Drinking Game -

This Wii Bowling drinking game comes from Reddit user u/spaceman550. Basically it adds some useful drinking rules to Wii Bowling because let’s face it, this entire system becomes the funnest thing in the world once you have a few beers in you.

Wii bowling actually had quite the success in uniting people due to it’s sheer simplicity. It turned bowling into an easy every day activity. And with the massive number of Nintendo Wii’s sold with this game included you’re bound to be pretty close to this game at any time. So since you’re already sitting on your couch you might as well crack a few beers and get ready to make those gutter balls a little more embarrassing. Just don’t blame us if the strap breaks and you impale your television with the Wii remote.


Wii Bowling for the Nintendo Wii and drinks


Basically players will play a regular game of Wii bowling while trying to get strikes and avoid gutter balls to make the other players drink.

Wii Bowling Drinking Game Rules:

Load up a regular game of Wii Bowling, however many players you want and get those drinks ready. Players will have to drink based on how their bowls go.

Strike: If a player bowls a strike every other player must drink. If they get consecutive strikes it accumulates. (For example 2 strikes in a row is 2 drinks, 3 strikes is 3 drinks, etc…)

Spare: A player who bowls a spare gives out 1 drink to whoever they chose.

Gutter Ball: Drink Twice

Miss the pins (not gutter ball): Drink once

Split: Every player can choose if they want to bet drinks on if the bowler will make the shot or not.

If the error message occurs at any time during a players turn they must take a drink then stand on one foot for the rest of their turn.


This Wii Bowling drinking game adds a bit of extra hilarity to an already fun game. It’s not a ton of drinking until you get later in the night and start losing the coordination required to hit the pins. So strap up and get ready to get drunk to some virtual bowling!