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The Triple Snakes Dice Game by Freddy Porges

This amazing dice game was sent in by Freddy Porges.

If you want to see the official rules, click here.

Objective: The object of the game is to score 100 points exactly. If you roll over 100 points, you go down to 77 points.

Gameplay: Each turn, a player will roll a set of four (4) dice three (3) times to attempt to score points.

Players: 2 or more

Scoring: You score points by having pairs, triples, or quadruples of the same number on your third and final roll. For example: if the below were the player’s third roll, they would net 12 points (4 x 3 = 12):

Additional Gameplay Rules

After your first roll, you can choose to leave certain dice on the table or pick them all up for your next roll. You may only pick up dice that are unmatched or all of the matched dice. For instance, if you rolled the above example (three 4’s and one 2) on your first roll, your options for your second roll are:

  • Pick up all four dice and re-roll
  • Pick up the three 4’s and leave the 2 and re-roll
  • Pick up the 2 and leave the three 4’s and re-roll 

Additionally, you are not permitted to touch any dice unless you intend to pick them up for your next roll. In the above example, if you accidentally touch one of the 4’s, you must now pick up all 4’s. 

If you roll snake eyes (two 1’s) at any point on your three rolls, your turn is over and you net zero points. 

Double-Double Rule

If you roll two pairs of matched dice on your third and final roll, you net the score of both pairs. For example, if your third and final roll is the below, you would net 12 points (4×2 + 2×2 = 12)

Quadruple Bonus Rule

If you roll a quadruple (also called four-of-a-kind) of any number on any of your three rolls, your turn is over and you net the value of those dice plus a bonus if you so choose. You can always elect to not take your bonus and instead net the mathematical result of the four dice if that is a better outcome for your score. The quadruple bonus exists to incentivize players to roll for lower numbers. Here is the bonus structure:

Four 1’s are 30 points. All other bonus amounts are 30 points minus that number, so:

Four 2’s are 28 points

Four 3’s are 27 points

Four 4’s are 26 points

Four 5’s are 25 points

Four 6’s are 24 points (no bonus)

Straight Rule

If you roll a straight on your first roll (and only on your first roll), you may elect to roll a 5th dice to “complete the straight”. Examples of straights on your first roll are:

1, 2, 3, 4

3, 4, 5, 6

2, 3, 4, 5

In the first and second examples, you would need to roll a 5 or a 2 to “complete the straight”. You get two tries to roll the one number you need (note if you roll an additional 1 in the first try, you have rolled snake eyes and your turn is over). In the third example, you could get either a 1 or a 6 to complete the straight. You get one try to roll either of those two numbers. If you successfully complete the straight, you may choose to net 34 or 35 points. If you fail to get the number you need to complete the straight, you net 0 points. 

Winning the Game

When one player gets to 100 points exactly, all other players receive one last “rebuttal” round to either attempt to tie the winner at 100 points or score as many points as they can to not end the game in last place. Triple snakes game players may decide to enforce a “loser punishment” for the player who ends the game in last place. See drinking rules for the recommended drinking game loser punishment.

If multiple players are tied after the rebuttal round, (either at 100 or any other number), they continue in a “roll-off” until one of the players scores a higher point total. The first person to reach the initial tied score decides the order of the “roll-off”. Note, if two players are tied for last place after the rebuttal, they still cannot score beyond 100 points in their “roll-off” or they will return to 77. 

Drinking Rules

Triple snakes was invented as a drinking game. Here are all the drinking rules:

The objective of the game is the same, score 100 points exactly. After one player wins and the rebuttal round is complete, the player with the lowest score must take a shot (or any other loser punishment players agree upon before the game).

If any player rolls a triple snakes (three 1’s and namesake of the game), it is a “social” drink, meaning all players must take a drink.

If any player rolls a quadruple (also called four-of-a-kind), it is a “social” drink, meaning all players must take a drink.

If you net zero points on your turn, you must take a drink. This could be from getting snake eyes, failing to net points after electing to complete a straight, or just not matching any dice on your third and final roll.

If you net a point total that puts you over 100 points, you go to 77 points and you must take a drink. 

If you roll one or more of the dice off the table, you must take a drink for each dice you lost. You may not use any of the dice you lost for the remainder of the turn. 

After three full rounds, two scoring based drinking rules come into play:

  •  Any time two players end one of their turns tied, they both drink. For example, let’s say Player A starts a turn with 75 points and Player B has 85 points. Player A finishes the turn by scoring 10 points and is now tied with Player B. They both must drink. Now it is Player B’s turn and they get snake eyes and score 0 points. Players A and B must both drink again as they are still tied. 
  • Any time there is a change in the leader of the game, all players not in the lead must drink. The leader may decide to drink with their underlings if they so desire. 

Keeping Score

You can use a pad and paper to keep score or download the “Keep Score Gamekeeper” App. The score-keeper is responsible for alerting the game-players when players are tied or when there is a lead change. They should also give regular score updates every few rounds starting after the third round.  

Game Tips and Tricks

It is usually better to be on an even number than on an odd one. Keep this in mind when electing whether or not to take a quadruple bonus or when you go above 100 points and are down to 77. 

Don’t worry about starting off slow, it’s easier than you think to catch up!

It is impossible to win the game from 89, 93, or 97 without rolling a triple snakes (three 1’s). Sometimes it might be better to purposely go over 100 and restart at 77, but fortune favors the bold…