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  • Phasmophobia Drinking Game by

    A Spooky Phasmophobia Drinking Game!

    This Phasmophobia drinking game adds some fun drinking rules to you next ghost hunting adventure. This game works with anywhere from 1 to four players. In Phasmophobia, a team of up to four people enters a creepy house looking for ghosts. Even though this game was made with VR in mind, it works perfectly well […] More

  • Animal Crossing new horizons Drinking Game Rules by

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Drinking Game

    This Animal Crossing drinking game is for the latest installment on the Nintendo Switch; New Horizons. This game is perfect for anyone trying to pass the time in self isolation, or anyone who just wants an excuse to get tipsy and catch bugs. (not that you needed one). New Horizons takes the series in a […] More

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    No Man’s Sky Drinking Game

    If you’re ever in the mood to drink some beers and drift through space, then our No Man’s Sky drinking game is the way to go. Play solo or with friends. Grab some drinks and just go about your space exploring business and drink whenever any of these handy drinking rules come up. For anyone […] More

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    How To Play The Sims 4 Drinking Game

    If you’re the type of person who likes to pour themselves a glass or two and manage the lives of your virtual family, then we have the game for you! The way this The Sims 4 drinking game works is that you just play the game and drink whenever one of these handy drinking rules […] More

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    The Ultimate Super Mario Maker 2 Drinking Game!

    This Super Mario Maker drinking game is split up into 2 separate drinking games. One is for the endless course or multiplayer online modes, and the other involves actually creating a stage together. What You’ll Need To Play A copy of the game on Nintendo Switch and some drinks. This game works with any number […] More

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    The Smash Ultimate Ganondorf Drinking Game

    This Ganondorf drinking game was made primarily for Smash Ultimate but it would work just as well with any other smash bros title. The idea of this game is that everyone must pick Ganon and then they drink for dying to any of his stronger moves. We included our preferred rulesets but feel free to […] More

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    A Brutal Mortal Kombat Drinking Game

    This Mortal Kombat drinking game works with any game in the series including the newest; Mortal Kombat 11. Whether you’re a total pushover or a fighting game pro this game will have you drinking in no-time. The game itself is simple. Just jump into a 1v1 match with whoever else wants to play. Whoever loses […] More

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    A Frustratingly Fun Cuphead Drinking Game!

    For those that have never played it Cuphead is known for it’s unforgiving difficulty. As such we kept the drinking rules to our Cuphead drinking game pretty light so that you don’t end up too sloshed to play the game. However we did include some “Expert” rules for those who are so confident in their […] More

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