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Reason To Drink

This vocal drinking game was a user submission by a user that goes by the name Noobworld. It’s a simple game that’s easily played at any party or get together as long as everyone is clear on the rules. The Reason to Drink drinking game has players choosing for a reason to drink and drinking whenever that thing happens. If players think they know someone else’s reason they can try to call them out on it, so it’s best to try and pick something tricky.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you need is a few drinks and a few players. It works with any number of players really. A couple scraps of paper couldn’t hurt too just for people to write down their “reasons” so that nobody can claim they were cheating.


Reason To Drink Rules

To play this game everyone simply needs to sit down and figure out their reason to drink. They do this without telling anyone else what the reason is. This can be anything from “whenever someone gets up off their chair” to “someone uses the word Drink”. Get creative!

Then when everyone is ready the game starts. Players drink whenever their “reason” happens.

If a player thinks they know what someone else’s reason is they can accuse them. If they’re correct the accused finishes their drink or takes a shot. If they’re wrong the accuser must finish their drink or take a shot.

Players can either play until everyone’s reason is guessed, or simply continue throughout the night, picking a new reason whenever theirs has been discovered.


Reason to Drink functions more as an overall party rule than a drinking game. This game works great in conjunction with other drinking games as well. As always please remember to drink responsibly.