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A Sword Art Online Abridged Drinking Game!

This awesome Sword Art Online Abridged drinking game was submitted by the user Embershade.

For the uninitiated SAO Abridged is a mini series that pokes fun at the popular anime. It can be found on YouTube or on Something Witty Entertainment‘s Patreon.

Put on your NerveGear and get ready for SAO Abridged, the hilarious fanmade parody of the anime Sword Art Online. With an asshole sociopath for a protagonist and plenty of idiots, you’ll be drinking half the time either opens their mouth. Perfect for a drinking game!

SAO Abridged Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever…

  • Anyone does or says anything rude or dumb, take a sip.
  • Anyone dies (if it’s too many people to count just take a big gulp)
  • You laugh.

If there’s ever an instance where too much is going on and multiple drinking rules are coming up at the same time just drink until the scene ends.

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