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    The Ultimate Boy Meets World Drinking Game

    Our Boy Meets World drinking game is for anyone trying to relive the nostalgia of this iconic 90s sitcom. If you’re looking for yet another excuse to re-watch Bmw then this is it. Boy Meets World follows Cory Matthews as he learns valuable life lessons throughout middle school, high school and college. Most of the […] More

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    The Ultimate My Little Pony Drinking Game

    This MLP drinking game is designed for the Friendship Is Magic series but should work fine for the movie too. Basically we just made 1 drinking rule for each of the main ponies and spike. There’s also a bonus rule for whenever Celestia has a line in the show so it might be more drinking […] More

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    How To Play The Ciao Darwin Drinking Game!

    This Ciao Darwin drinking will have people drinking whenever their chosen team messes up. Plus some additional drinking rules for phrases that come up a lot during the show. For those that have never seen the show it’s a variety game show where two massive teams of 50 people compete against each other in a […] More

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    How to play the You (Tv Show) Drinking Game

    You is a netflix drama about a bookstore manager who falls in love with a customer and ends up falling madly in love and becomes incredibly creepy and obsessive. Our drinking game takes this weird and off-putting drama and adds some fun drinking rules to help get through it. Between the cyber stalking and the […] More

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    The Queer Eye Drinking Game!

    Our Queer Eye drinking game is a great way to enjoy a few drinks while watching the crew flip someone’s life around. This show has seen a reboot on Netflix for it’s third season and hopefully more to come. Basically what happens in this show is the Fab Five go around and try to help […] More

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    The Ultimate Pawn Stars Drinking Game

    This Pawn Stars drinking game is the perfect way to relive this classic pawn show since basically every episode plays out the same way. Someone offers rick some kind of antique, rick brings in an expert, then offers an amount much lower than expected. All while the old man grumbles and Chumlee is his lovably […] More

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    The Ultimate Shameless Drinking Game

    Shameless is a sitcom all about drugs, alcohol, sex and all-around questionable decisions. Which is why it makes for the perfect drinking game. The show follows the Gallagher family led by Fiona Gallagher due to their horribly neglectful parents. Due to all the drunken debauchery in this show it was easy to come up with […] More

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    The Curb Your Enthusiasm Drinking Game

    Our Curb Your Enthusiasm drinking game is pretty straight forward since most episodes of this show follow the same arc. Larry gets in a futile argument that comes back to bite him in the ass at the end of the show. The show is created by and starring Larry david. Who was one of the […] More

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    The Sarah Silverman Program Drinking Game!

    This drinking game is for the Sarah Silverman Program which follows Sarah as she selfishly goes about her daily life without a care in the world. This show had a pretty short run but was pretty great while it lasted. The show tends to have a lot of foul humor and cussing so it makes […] More

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    How to Play the Daria Drinking Game

    For all the fans of the misanthropic Daria show we decided to create a Daria drinking game. The show focuses mostly on Daria, her immediate family and a cast of dysfunctional high school students. This show was discontinued a while ago but is set to reboot in the near future under the title Daria & […] More

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    The Russian Doll Drinking Game

    This Russian Doll drinking game is for the Netflix original tv series of the same name. The show follows some bizarre happenings as the Nadia continues to die and relive the same day on a continuous loop until she can figure out why it’s happening. The series the series continues you start to get more […] More

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