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    Workaholics Drinking Game Rules

    Workaholics is a show about 3 amigos living their best life, which mostly involves them getting plastered and trying to function at work. So it only makes sense to play a Workaholics drinking game while you watch. This comedy central series follows Anders, Adam and Blake as they party their way through life and somehow […] More

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    Get Harmon’d With The Queen’s Gambit Drinking Game

    This Queen’s Gambit drinking game will have you drunker than Beth Harmon the night before a major chess tournament. These drinking rules are a great way to make this intense show even more exciting. The show follows the fictional account of Beth Harmon and her unlikely journey from an orphanage to world champion chess player. […] More

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    The Ultimate Star Wars Mandalorian Drinking Game!

    Looking to kill some time on Disney Plus over a few black ales? This Star Wars Mandolorian drinking game will have you drinking to all the planet-hopping bounty-hunting madness this series is known for. Set after the fall of the Empire, The Mandolorian follows a troubled bounty hunter on the outer rim of the galaxy. […] More

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    A Hilarious Criminal Minds Drinking Game

    Given that most of the episodes of this show play out pretty much the same. It’s was easy to make a Criminal Minds drinking game. So grab a few beers and play along to this ragtag group of criminal investigators and behavioral specialists. Criminal Minds is a show about the FBI and the twisted serial […] More

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    Rules to the Pulp Fiction Drinking Game

    Looking to down a few drinks to one of Quentin Tarantino‘s masterpieces? Well these Pulp Fiction drinking game rules will have you drunk as a motherf***** in no time. Pulp Fiction is a story of some thugs, a few heroin addicts, a champion boxer and just about everything in between. It’s one of those movies […] More

  • Hawaii 5-0 drinking game

    The Hawaii 5-0 Drinking Game

    This Hawaii 5-0 drinking game is a recent user submission. Setting It Up At the start of the game everyone needs to pick one of the main characters. If there’s a lot of players, people can choose the same characters more than once. Then you’ll just need a few drinks and to queue up a […] More

  • Modern Family Drinking Game by

    How To Play The Modern Family Drinking Game

    This Modern family drinking game is a great way to unwind and watch the lives of Jay Pritchette and all his kids. This comedy explores all the daily chaos that comes with raising kids and starting a family in upscale Los Angeles. This game works with any number of players and any episode. So just […] More

  • I Am Not Okay With This Drinking Game Rules by

    The I Am Not Okay With This Drinking Game

    I Am Not Okay With This is a pretty stellar new show on Netflix. It’s a great combination of an artsy teen mellow drama meets a dark super hero show. Think Juno meets Stranger Things. Netflix sure is stepping up it’s casting game lately so you’ll be sure to see some familiar faces, including Sophia […] More

  • Too Hot To Handle Drinking Game by

    Too Hot To Handle Drinking Game

    This drinking game is for the Netflix original Too Hot To Handle, which is without a doubt the single horniest television program I’ve ever witnessed. The show is about a group of uber-hot people on an island with one simple rule : Don’t have sex. Which proves to be a challenging task for these one-track […] More

  • A Tiger King Drinking Game by

    How To Play The Tiger King Drinking Game

    Since we’re all stuck at home anyway, we decided to come up with a Tiger King drinking game for the strange Netflix documentary about the insane world of exotic pets in the United States. From drugs, to cults, to drug smuggling, to murder trials this docu-series is full of crazy twists. So grab a few […] More

  • AJ and the Queen drinking game by

    AJ and the Queen Drinking Game

    AJ and the Queen is a show on Netflix that follows the life of an aging drag queen (Played by the one and only RuPaul Charles) who has just been grifted by his lover for his entire life savings and a runaway child who is trying to find her way to Texas. The show itself […] More

  • Love Is Blind drinking game by

    Love is Blind Drinking Game

    Love is Blind is a Netflix reality show where a men and women get into pods and try to find the love of their life without ever seeing what they look like. These people then need to propose to move on to the next step, all of which happens within a week, which is complete […] More

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