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Devil’s Dice Drinking Game

The Devil’s Die drinking game is one of our more creative submissions by the user WintersWarmth. Basically it takes the idea of the 7 deadly sins and turns it into a entertaining drinking game. This game uses both cards and a die so make sure you have those items handy.


A standard 54 card deck (with jokers), 1 six sided die and drinks

Set Up

Remove all cards in the deck above 6. So that only the Aces,Twos,Threes,Fours,Fives,Sixes and Jokers remain.

Shuffle the remaining cards and split it into 6 piles, as even as possible. Place those piles in the center of the table where they are accessible to all players.


The goal of the game is to get the most points. Points are earned by being the player who draws the last card of the pile. At the start of a players turn they must roll the die and then draw a card from the pile corresponding to their die roll. Depending what they drew is how much they have to drink and what they’ll have to do.

Devil’s Dice Rules

To begin the game, the youngest (and presumably the most innocent…) player rolls the die and whichever number the die lands on, the player must take a card from the corresponding deck. The next roll belongs to the next oldest player and so on.

Each card represents one of the seven (six, excluding sloth) deadly sins, starting with the deadliest:-

  • 1 – Pride – If this card is drawn, the player must drink for as many seconds as their die roll. (If it is the very first sin drawn, the other players get to count)
  • 2 – Envy – If this card is drawn, the player must drink 1 more than their die roll (ex. If 3 was rolled, drink 4 times) and then must roll again and go clockwise from themselves according to the number rolled.
    • Whichever player this lands on is cursed, which means that if the accursed player rolls the same number as the player that cursed them OR draws another Envy card, they must drink 2 more than their die roll. If the roll lands back on the rolling player, they must drink twice.
  • 3 – Gluttony – If this card is drawn, the player must drink as many times as this sin has already been drawn, as well as half their die roll. (Excluding 1, 3 and 5)
  • 4 – Lust – If this card is drawn, the player must roll again and choose another player to drink with. The two rolls determine how many times each player must drink. (ex. Rolls are 3 and 4, rolling player drinks 3, chosen player drinks 4) If the second roll is the same number as the first, the rolling player must drink the sum of both die rolls. Alone.
  • 5 – Greed – If this card is drawn, the player may choose to bet on the outcome of a second roll. If they do not choose to do so, they must drink double their roll.
    • If they do wish to bet and it is correct, they must roll again and go counter-clockwise from themselves according to the number rolled. Whichever player this lands on must drink the sum total of all the die rolls. However this does include the original player. If the bet is not correct, the player must roll again and then drink the sum of all the die rolls.
  • 6 – Wrath – If this card is drawn the player must roll again and if the number is 6 they must drink as many shots as this sin has been drawn. However if the number is not 6 they must drink the number that is rolled. (Not shots)

Jokers: If a player draws a joker card they may use it at any time to transfer their drawn sin to any other player. However, if this card is the last of a deck or of that particular sin, the point is given to that player.

How to Win

Each time a player finishes a deck or draws the last card of a sin they gain a point. After all cards have been drawn whichever player has the most points (or tied players) are considered the victor/s. All others are losers.

Optional Rules

Roll of the Beast – If the sin Wrath is drawn, with the dice roll being the number 6 and the second roll also being 6, they must roll again. If this roll is also a 6, the player must drink 3 shots. If they refuse they are ejected from the game.

Brimstone – If at any time the 6 sins are drawn in order, or a 6 is rolled three times in a row, all players must drink 6 times.


The Devil’s Dice drinking game can be a fair amount of drinking especially if you’re not very lucky. Plus even more so if you choose to use the optional rules. Players are encouraged to come up with their own house rules and play whichever way best suits the group. The game itself doesn’t last all too long since there’s only 24 cards to be drawn so feel free to play a couple rounds and get the feel for it.