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  • Monsters Inc Drinking Game by

    A Great Monsters Inc Drinking Game

    Monsters Inc was one of the hit monster movies back in the early 2000’s. Who didn’t fall in love with all those monsters. The Monster’s Inc Drinking Game is suitable for all ages (of legal drinking age of course), so grab mom, pop, cousins and grandma for some good old Disney fun. The movie takes […] More

  • Star Wars A New Hope Drinking Game by

    Star Wars: A New Hope Drinking Game!

    These drinking rules are for the original Star Wars move; Star Wars: A New Hope. Whether you’re trying to relive the nostalgia or trying to figure out what the hype is all about this drinking game will make sure you have a great time doing so. This film is the one that birthed a multi […] More

  • Aladdin Drinking Game from

    An Aladdin Drinking Game For Total StreetRats

    This game is for the original animated Aladin movie (The first one, the good one that still has Robin Williams in it). Although it can be played with the new live action movie too if that’s what floats your carpet. So kick back with a few drinks and some close friends and follow along. This […] More

  • A Halloween 1978 Drinknig Game by

    How To Play The Halloween (1978) Movie Drinking Game

    This drinking game is for the 1978 horror classic Halloween. This hack-n-slash film is one of the most iconic ones of all time. It’s got everything you can expect from a 70s horror flick: blood, boobs, high school drama, and more boobs. It follows the deranged serial killer Michael Myers as he takes his revenge […] More

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    The Breakfast Club Drinking Game Rules

    This drinking game is for the 1985 classic The Breakfast Club. This movie is very vulgar and rough around the edges which is why it makes for such a great drinking game. In this film 5 vastly different kids find themselves in a horrible Saturday detention as the night slowly becomes unhinged. As the principal […] More

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    A Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Drinking Game

    Given that this movie is all about getting messed up and getting into insane situations we thought it necessary to make a Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas drinking game! This film follows Raul Duke and his “attorney” Dr. Gonzo as they get absolutely messed up and attempt to observe a motor cycle race in […] More

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    The Ultimate Guardians Of The Galaxy Drinking Game

    This Guardians of the Galaxy drinking game was made with the first movie in mind but should work just fine with any film in the series. This series follows a group of characters who’s only really combining element is their need to kill Thanos and prevent the infinity stones from getting into the wrong hands. […] More

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    The Ultimate Bee Movie Drinking Game?

    This is one of the simplest yet most devastating drinking games out there. Heck, it may even get you drunk enough to enjoy watching this movie. To add some variety we came up with two separate drinking games for this movie, an easy one and a hard one. The easy one has a bunch of […] More

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    The Polar Express Drinking Game

    This drinking game is for the animated Christmas classic Polar Express. So sit back with a few drinks and let Tom Hanks conduct you into a whimsical world of Christmas magic. This movie follows a young boy as he boards a train to the north pole. Throughout the whole movie you’re left wondering if all […] More

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