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    The Blind Bets Card Game

    This card game comes from the reddit user u/WintersWarmth. It’s an easy to play game that works best in bigger groups. However there’s tons of variations and optional rules if you want to add a bit of complexity. What You’ll Need To Play A standard 52 card deck and any number of players. (Recommended at […] More

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    How To Play The White Elephant Drinking Game

    The White Elephant Drinking Game is a card game that involves players trying to get rid of an effigy as quickly as possible. It’s a great game to play for parties or large events but typically requires copious amounts of alcohol. What You’ll Need To Play The Game First you’re going to need an effigy […] More

  • Dicey Review by The Chuggernauts
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    Dicey Review

    Dicey is a dice and card game full of hilarious and unusual drinking challenges. The premise is simple. Roll Dicey, draw a card, and be faced with a ridiculous mini game that you’ll have to complete to avoid a drinking penalty. How To Play The setup for this game is rather simple. Seperate the cards […] More

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    How To Play The Debauchery Party Card Game

    The Debauchery drinking game is a box full of outlandish dares and challenges. All in the name of drinking and having a good time. It’s as simple as opening up the pack of cards and watching your friends make fools of themselves. How To Play Just go around in a circle drawing cards and doing […] More

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    Get the Conversation Going with Triggers

    The Triggers card game delivers on one simple promise. It will get people talking. In this game players draw cards of sensitive topics and then guess what people voted at the end of it. You might end up learning a few things about your close friends and find out who has some seriously strong opinions. […] More

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    How to Play the Colour Blind Drinking Game

    The Colour Blind drinking game is pretty simple. Guess the right suit or bottoms up. It’s a great game to play if you just want to do something easy and finish copious amounts of alcohol in a short time-frame. What You’ll Need To Play A deck of cards with the jokers removed, a large pitcher […] More

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    How to Play the President Drinking Game

    The President drinking game (also known as Asshole) is a great card game that works with or without drinks, although we suggest the latter. The goal of the game is to be the first player to rid themselves of all their cards so that they can become the president in future rounds and gain an […] More

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    How To Play The Buzzed Drinking Card Game

    The Buzzed Card Game is a really simple drinking game that works with any number of players. Although we’d suggest playing with as large of a group as possible for added hilarity. It’s similar to games like Suicide except with more drunken slapping. What You’ll Need To Play For this game you’re going to need […] More

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