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  • Top Netflix Drinking Games 2020

    Top 10 Netflix Drinking Games Of 2020

    There’s nothing better than having a few drinks and binge watching your favorite Netflix series. Which is why we made a list of the best Netflix drinking games to play in 2020. Big Mouth This raunchy foul mouthed comedy makes for the perfect drinking game. Nick Kroll’s Big Mouth is all about the awkward and […] More

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    The Best 4 Player Drinking Games

    We decided to dig around for the best drinking games for 4 people so that you don’t have to. Now there’s plenty more 4 player drinking games in our database but we believe these are 10 games that really function perfectly with 4 participants. Top 10 Drinking Games for 4 People Land Mines This coin […] More

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    10 Great Drinking Games for Three People

    This is our list of the 10 best drinking games for 3 people. We know the struggle of sifting through a hundred drinking games trying to find one that isn’t meant for large teams or groups to function properly so we decided to list some of our favorites that work best with exactly 3 participants. […] More

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    Top 10 Netflix Drinking Games of 2019

    Edit: Our 2020 list of Netflix drinking games can be found here! Another year another slew of Netflix originals and classic television programs to make some drinking rules for. This year we tried to include as many games as possible from different styles of shows. Comedies, Cartoons, Dramas, Horror, whatever! So grab a drink and […] More

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    The 10 Best Drinking Game Apps in 2019

    This year we decided to rank what we think are the best Drinking Game Apps we have seen. These are ranked by how much fun we had playing them and testing them out. 10 Best Drinking Game Apps in 2019 King Of Booze Availability: Android, Apple and Steam Cost: Free with optional IAP on Andoid […] More

  • Party

    5 Wicked Halloween Party Ideas For Adults Who Drink

    Looking to spice up your Halloween party and make sure everyone has a good time? We made a quick list of some great Halloween party ideas for adults. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a costume party only to realize that it’s just like any other night out with a few people dressed up […] More

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    The Ten Dumbest and Most Dangerous Drinking Games

    Through our constant search for all the greatest drinking games on the planet we decided to compile what we believe to be the Ten Dumbest and Most Dangerous Drinking Games of all time. So if you’re the kind of person who enjoys reading about the incredibly stupid acts of others than this list should quench […] More

  • 1-2 Switch Drinking Game

    Our 10 Favorite Nintendo Switch Drinking Games

    As avid fans of drinking and video games we thought it’s about time we publish our list of favorite drinking games for the Nintendo Switch. Basically every Nintendo system has been a great catalyst for drinking games for one simple reason: ridiculously fun local multiplayer! These Nintendo Switch drinking games are a great way to […] More

  • How to do a 3 legged pub crawl

    5 Great Pub Crawl Games That’ll Make Your Night Unforgettable

    These Pub Crawl drinking games will turn your night out into an all night slobberknocker. Which is the perfect solution when trying to get one person in particular drunk like at a bachelor party or birthday party. Or even if you are just bored on a tuesday night and want to get weird with some […] More


    Our Top 10 Coin Drinking Games

    Our Top 10 Coin Drinking Games of All Time 10 – Quarters This one is pretty much the staple of coin drinking games everywhere. Mostly because it’s so easy. All you need is a cup full of beer and some spare drinks for the players. Everyone sits around a table taking turns trying to bounce […] More

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    5 Uniquely German Drinking Games to Celebrate Oktoberfest

    After a weekend in Oktoberfest we thought it would be a great idea to pull together some of the great German drinking games we discovered. The Germans have turned drinking games from a fun pass time into a way of life, and it’s amazing. Top 5 German Drinking Games Bierkastenrennen Loosely translated to “Beer crate […] More

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