5 Wicked Halloween Party Ideas For Adults Who Drink


Looking to spice up your Halloween party and make sure everyone has a good time? We made a quick list of some great Halloween party ideas for adults. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a costume party only to realize that it’s just like any other night out with a few people dressed up as Disney characters. So here’s some ideas that will help push your party over the top.

Make a Pumpkin Chugging Helmet

This one is crazy simple and always a crowd pleaser. All you need to do is carve out a pumpkin! Guaranteed if you have one of these sitting around it’ll be a matter of time before people are passing it around pounding back drinks. Simply cut out the bottom of a pumpkin, empty it out, cut out eye holes and a bottle hole and you’re good to go.

Get Together a Creepy Halloween Punch Bowl

This is so easy you just gotta do it. Fill up a punch bowl with your favorite drink mix. Preferably something sweet that anyone can enjoy like a Sangria. Then toss some red food coloring in there, a few rubber spiders and gummy worms.

Queue Up Some Scary Movies, Print Out Some Drinking Rules For Them

Freddy gets loaded

Grab a bunch of your favorite classic scary movies like Friday the 13th and have them on in the background of the party. Print out some drinking rules and hang them next to the TV. This is a great idea for any party goers who are just looking to relax and enjoy some drinks. If you’re looking for some generic horror rules check out our Horror Drinking Game.

Get Those Halloween Snacks Ready

If people are drinking and having a good time they’re going to want to demolish some delishious holiday treats. This can be anything from spooky cupcakes to tossing some candy corn in a bowl of chex mix.

No Costume, No Dice!

Who shows up to a Halloween party without a costume anyway? This rule is a must. If you want to make sure people are having a good time have a costume competition and give a bottle of booze to whoever’s costume blew you away the most.