The Best 4 Player Drinking Games

We decided to dig around for the best drinking games for 4 people so that you don’t have to.

Now there’s plenty more 4 player drinking games in our database but we believe these are 10 games that really function perfectly with 4 participants.

Top 10 Drinking Games for 4 People

Land Mines

This coin game is always worth a few laughs. In this game people take turns spinning a coin on a table hoping to keep it going without hitting anyone else’s empty beer cans. Starts off simple but as people down a few drinks and the table gets cluttered it becomes a daunting task.


A can, a ton of drinks and a big enough table to play on

How To Play

Participants sit around a table. They take turns spinning a coin and trying to catch it between two fingers. If they get it then they pass their turn. If they screw up they drink and must attempt again until they succeed.

During the game any time someone finishes a drink they can put the empty can anywhere on the table in an attempt to screw up other peoples spinning areas. Nobody is allowed to leave their starting chair. More messing up means more beers finished, which means more cans placed, which means more messing up, and before you know it there’s a mountain of beers on the table and you’re thinking of an excuse to miss work tomorrow.

Naked Greased Up Monkey

This card game is one of our own invention. The goal is to push the playing card off the table on an opponents side before they can push it off on yours. In fact this game only works with exactly 4 people unless you have a table with more than 4 sides.


For this you’re just going to need a deck of cards, a small table and some drinks.

How to Play

Everyone is dealt a three card hand to start the game. Then a single card is flipped face up and placed at the very center of the table. The aim here is to play cards that move the center card over until it falls off the table closer to one of the opponents. Certain cards have effects to move the card but a lot of them don’t do anything.

On a players turn they simply play 1 card and then draw a new card to replace it. They must play a card on their turn.

  • Ace, Two, Three, Four or Five: Move a the card a number of card lengths equal to the card drawn. The suit determines which direction.
    • Hearts: Up (Away from yourself)
    • Diamonds: Down (toward yourself)
    • Spades: Left
    • Clubs: Right
  • 6 to 10: These cards do nothing. You cannot play these cards. If your hand consists of only thee numbers you must drink 3 times and draw an entire new hand of 3 cards.
  • Jack: Take a drink
  • Queen: Choose someone to take a drink
  • King: Switch hands with another player

When the center card falls off the table whoever’s side it fell off of must finish their drink.

Beer Pong

10 College Drinking Games That Are Way Better Than Beer Pong - The Chuggernauts

The classic drinking game. This is a great 4 player drinking game as 2 teams of 2 is exactly what you want here. So partner up and get ready to drink.


About 30 plastic cups, a couple ping pong balls and a ton of beer.

Setting it up

Arrange 10 cups on each side in a triangle shape. 4 then 3 then 2 and finally 1. One team of two stands on each side.

How To Play

Team members take turns trying to throw the ping pong ball across the table. If they land it in the opposing teams cup then the opposing team must down it and remove it from play. First team to have all their cups eliminated loses the game.

Coolcats And Asshats


How well do you think you know your friends? In this drunken party game players take turns voting on how they think their friends responded to different topics. Loser of each round has to do some crazy task that usually involves drinking or performing some absurd humiliation task.

How To Play

Shuffle up the cards and decide on who to be the first judge. The judge draws a few cards and must secretly vote yay or nay on each of them on the provided pad of paper. At the same time everyone else tries to guess what the judge wrote for each topic. Then the judge reveals himself and we see who had the most correct or incorrect guesses.

Whoever got the most correct gets an awesome Coolcat card and gets a reward like being able to make someone fluff their pillow for them on command. The loser of the round gets an Asshat card and must perform a daunting task like gargling their beer or taking a shot of soy sauce.

Kim Jong Un

This is another great drinking game for 4 people. It’s a dice game where everyone hopes to become the almighty ruler Kim Jong Un so that they can dominate the game with an iron fist. It’s easy to play but watch out, because if you become too much of a tyrant than people will remember that when someone else is in charge.


A set of 3 dice and some drinks

How To Play

Everyone sits around in a circle taking turns rolling the 3 dice hoping to be promoted to supreme ruler. Whenever someone rolls they must do the following.

  • Drink once for each 1 rolled.
  • Reroll all sixes until there’s none left
  • If you roll 2 of a kind give out that many sips divided as you choose
  • If you end up with 3 of a kind you become the supreme leader
    • The supreme leader’s word is law. No exceptions. Only a supreme ruler can get rid of the rules of a previous leader.
    • The leader gets to come up with a game rule. Anyone who breaks the rule at any point must drink.
    • If the leader tells a joke everyone who doesn’t laugh drinks.
    • The leader can arbitrarily point at someone to make them drink for any reason.

Dodge Beer

Dodge Beer -

This is another 4 player drinking game that’s popular around frat houses or general house parties. The aim of this is to finish your drink before the other team but the catch is you can only chug whenever hit the opposing teams can with a ping pong ball so accuracy is as important as chugging skill.


4 closed cans of beer, a ping pong ball and a good sized table like a picnic table.

How To Play

One team stands on each end of the table and places a single closed can of beer on the corner closest to them.

Choose someone to start. Turn order alternates between teams. The aim is to throw the ping pong ball into the opposing teams can. If you miss nothing happens and the other team can take their turn. However if you hit it than whoever tossed can open their beer and start chugging. They are allowed to continue chugging until the opposing team retrieves the ping pong ball and puts it on top of their own can at which point they have to stop and put the half finished beer back on the corner of the table.

This continues until one team has finished both their beers and are crowned the victors!


Buzzed is a simple slaphappy drinking game that will have you racing to slap an imaginary buzzer or suffer a drinking penalty.


A deck of cards and drinks. You’ll want something to represent the buzzer too like a coaster or anything really.

How To Play

Players take turns flipping a card and placing it face up in front of them. As soon as a card is flipped if it matches anyone else’s most recent card (in number or in suit) then they must race to slap the buzzer. Last player with a matching card to slap the buzzer drinks and earns a point. At the end of the game when the deck runs out, whoever had the most points loses and take a shot.

Under The Influence

Under the Influence Decks

This hilarious card game is as simple as flipping cards and getting sloppy. Players take turns drawing cards and either end up drinking, performing tasks or answering embarrassing questions. With about 200 cards between the 4 decks this one never gets old.


The game itself and ample amounts of alcohol

How To Play

Simple. Draw a card from whichever deck you’re willing to tackle then the other players can take turns doing the same. This game is comprised of 4 different styles of cards so if you don’t want to do the heavy stuff you don’t have to. Brain Benders are usually questions or riddles. Who’s Who cards pit players against each other to determine who is best suited to the card. Under the Influence cards are all your classic drinking games and mini games. And finally the dreaded Shots no Chaser cards contain many absolutely bonkers challenges that you’re only going to want to attempt when you got a bit of drunken confidence.

Drunken Mario Party

Mario Drinking Game -

Bet you didn’t know this classic Nintendo game makes for an amazing drinking game. This one’s easy because all you have to do is pop in your favorite iteration in the series and get some drinks ready.

How To Play

Simply play the game as you normally would with these added drinking rules.

  • If you roll a one, drink.
  • If you lose a mini-game, drink.
  • If you lose a 1 on 1 duel finish your drink.
  • If you get a star everyone else drinks.
  • If you lose a star finish your drink.
  • At the end of the game take a sip for the difference of stars between you and the winner.

Drunk Man’s Bluff

This is a drinking version of Blind Man’s Bluff. Basically how it works is you place drinking bets on if you have the highest card or not. If you’re wrong drink up!


A deck of cards and some drinks.

How To Play

Everyone at the table draws a card without looking at what it is. They then place it on their forehead facing outward so that everyone else can see their card but they can’t.

Now’s the betting phase. Left of the dealer starts. Much like in poker someone can check, call, bet or fold. The goal is to have the highest card at the table. You can bet amount of drinks like “1 sip” up to a maximum of “Full Drink”. Keep going around until everyone is settled on a bet or folded. They then flip their cards. Lowest card showing must drink the agreed upon amount!


If you’re looking for more of a good thing we have plenty more drinking games for two people in our main drinking games collection. Whichever game you choose to play always make sure to mind your limits and please drink responsibly.