Our Top 10 Coin Drinking Games


Our Top 10 Coin Drinking Games of All Time

10 – Quarters

This one is pretty much the staple of coin drinking games everywhere. Mostly because it’s so easy. All you need is a cup full of beer and some spare drinks for the players. Everyone sits around a table taking turns trying to bounce a quarter into the cup. If they fail they take a sip of their own drink. If they get it in they can choose another player to down the drink in the middle.

9 – Arrogance

Beers, Beers, Beers.

This is a game where that drunken boost of confidence is either going to make you a champion or have you swallowing your pride. (and a good amount of alcohol too!). For this game an empty pitcher is placed in the center of the player and then players take turns doing two things. First they put as much of their drink as they want in the cup. Second they flip a coin and call it in the air. If they were correct then the coin and partly full pitcher are passed to the next player for their turn. If they were wrong then they have to drink the contents of the pitcher.

8 – Left, Right, Center

This is more of a dice game than a coin game but it does use coins for betting. Each player gets three coins and then they try not to lose them. Then place an empty glass in the center. On a players turn they simply roll the die.

  • 1 – Pour a sip into the glass in the middle
  • 2 – Nothing Happens
  • 3 – Nothing Happens
  • 4 – Give out a coin to the player on the left
  • 5 – Give out a coin to the player on the right
  • 6 – Place a coin in the middle and then pour as much of your drink as you want into the glass in the middle.

Whenever someone loses all their coins they are eliminated and must finish the drink in the middle. However players can be brought back into the game if they end up getting a coin passed to them.

7 – Mexican Quarters

Contrary to what the name would have you believe this game actually isn’t much like the classic Quarters. In this game one player challenges another player by spinning a quarter and then slamming their hand on top of it. The other player must chug until the challenger stops the coin with their hand. Then the guesser must guess whether the coin is heads or tails. If they’re wrong rinse and repeat until they get it right, if they’re right now it’s their turn to challenge another player.

6 – LandMines

This is a game that gets increasingly frustrating as it goes on. Which makes it one of the funnder drinking games with coins on the list. Everyone gets 2 shot glasses. On their turn they fill up both glasses with whatever they want, start spinning a quarter, drink the shots, and then try to stop the coin before it stops spinning. If they succeed then it’s the next players turn, otherwise they have to try again. What makes this game interesting is that whenever someone finishes a drink during this game they are allowed to place it wherever they want on the table to try and mess up other players spinning areas.

5 – Spoof

This game if for all the gamblers out there. Every player gets 3 coins. Then everyone puts their hand behind their back and puts 0 to 3 coins in their right hand. Their choice. All at once players say a number and then reveal how many coins they are holding. Whoever was closest to the total amount of coins loses the game and needs to finish their drink. They are now eliminated. Then another round happens until only 1 player remains and they win the game.

4 – Dimes

Dimes -

This game will require a wackload of dime and an ashtray or short glass to turn upside down on the middle of the table. Dimes is a game of speed, don’t take turns just go-go-go! The aim is to land a dime on top of the upside down ash try by bouncing it on there. Last player to do so must pound back a drink. But be careful if anyone knocks off your dime during play you gotta try it again.

3 – Flip, Sip, or Strip

Now this is a game you’re going to want some ladies around for. One way or another everyone is going to have a good time. In this game players take turns flipping a coin and then calling it in the air. If they’re correct, Phew! they’re safe. However if they call it wrong they must either take a shot or remove an article of clothing. The kicker here is that a player can’t choose the same punishment two times in a row so it’ll be a matter of time before everyone is lacking some clothes and some inhibition at the same time.

2 – Ice Tray Blitz

Ice Tray Drinking Game -

Another variation of quarters except this one uses an empty ice tray. Players take turns bouncing the quarter into the ice tray. If it misses the tray they take a sip and try it again. If they get it in an empty space they can fill it up with their drink and end their turn. If they get it into a filled space they have to drink what’s in it! You might want a straw for this one.

1 – Baseball

In our opinion the best coin drinking game ever made. This one is a little more complex but it’s simple if anyone at the table knows the rules of baseball.  First four shot glasses are set up in a line and then players take turn “at bat”. When at bat a player tries to bounce their coin into a glass. The first glass is a Single, the second a Double, the third a Triple and finally fourth a Home Run. Each time they miss all the cups is an out and after 3 outs they are finished their inning and the other players go.

Baseball Set Up

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