Top 10 Netflix Drinking Games Of 2020

Top Netflix Drinking Games 2020

There’s nothing better than having a few drinks and binge watching your favorite Netflix series. Which is why we made a list of the best Netflix drinking games to play in 2020.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth Drinking Game -

This raunchy foul mouthed comedy makes for the perfect drinking game. Nick Kroll’s Big Mouth is all about the awkward and sexual high school years.

Take A Drink When…

  • Anyone mentions dicks or vaginas
  • The word “Puberty” is used
  • Someone talks about jerking off
  • The ghost of Duke Ellington appears

Take A Shot When…

  • There’s a kiss


If you’re looking for a show that’s a little more intense, Netflix’s You is a great choice. You follows a creepy obsessive bookstore owner who falls deeply in love with a customer. So grabbing a few drinks to get through this one might not be such a bad idea.

Take A Sip Whenever…

  • Someone receives a text
  • Joe is seen looking through a window
  • Someone posts on social media
  • Peach is bragging
  • Beck talks about poetry

Take A Shot Whenever…

  • Joe is watching someone have sex

The Witcher

The Witcher Drinking Game by

It’s the show that’s based off a game that’s based off a series of books. The witcher follows Geralt as learns that humans can be just as evil as the monsters he slays. Between the constant battles and the harsh language, this show makes for a great drinking experience.

Take A Sip Whenever…

  • Geralt says “Hmm…”
  • A monster or person is slain
  • Someone says the word “destiny”
  • Battle music begins to play in the background
  • Anyone says “Witcher”
  • Someone uses magic

Take A Shot Whenever…

  • Someone drops an F-Bomb


The Friends Drinking Game -

Everyone fell in love with this classic sitcom in the 90s. Now that it’s come to Netflix you can binge watch it all in one place and play our Friends drinking game.

Take A Drink Whenever…

  • Chandler cracks a joke
  • Joey hits on someone or says “How You Doin?”
  • Phoebe sings
  • Ross mentions his job or yells
  • Rachel talks about Ross
  • Monica mentions her old weight

Take A Shot When…

  • Someone breaks up with someone else

Sex Education

This British comedy tackles the socially confusing high school years of Otis and what it’s like to grow up with a mother who’s also a sex therapist. Things take a turn for the weirder as they team up to create an underground sex therapy clinic at the school.

Take A Sip When…

  • There’s a sex scene
  • Someone calls someone else “shit”
  • Adam assaults someone
  • There’s a dildo on screen
  • Someone’s masturbation session gets interrupted
  • Otis hears his mom moaning through the walls
  • Anyone says the word “Sex”

Take A Shot When…

  • Someone mimes a blowjob

The Office

The Office Drinking Game -

The Office is one of the most binge-watchable shows out there. This mockumentary follows an office crew that’s bound together by their jobs at a paper company. So why not grab a few drinks for your next re-watch of this classic sitcom?

Take A Drink When

  • Michael tells a joke that nobody laughs at
  • Jim looks at the camera
  • Jim plays a prank on Dwight
  • Dwight calls himself the assistant regional manager
  • Michael rips on Toby

Take A Shot If

  • Creed says something really concerning

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Drinking Game -

This massively popular sci-fi follows a group of kids through a series of supernatural events in the town of Hawkins indiana. The seasons tend to shift focus quite a bit but these drinking rules should work during any of them.

Take A Drink Whenever…

  • There’s a radio transmission
  • The upside down is mentioned
  • Anyone mentions Will by name
  • Someone drinks on screen
  • Anyone speaks in russian
  • Eleven gets a nose bleed
  • You notice any refence to something from the 80s

The Umbrella Academy

A group of supernatural people are brought together by the death of their strange billionaire father. Only to find out there’s much more important things to worry about.

  • Anyone’s number is said
  • Claus gets high
  • Tanya takes a pill
  • Number 5 warps
  • Tanya plays the violin

Black Mirror

Black Mirror Drinking Game -

Black Mirror is a constant mind-bending sci-fi experience. Most episodes will take you through some sort of technological nightmare so grabbing a few drinks might help with the existential dread.

1 Sip Whenever…

  • You hear a technological notification noise of some sort
  • There’s a closeup of a television
  • Anyone gets injected with something
  • Eerie music begins to play

1 Shot Whenever…

  • Someone gets trapped for all eternity


Reminiscent of other cultural dramas like Homeland, this show follows a prophet as he slowly begins his rise in the middle east. Whether his rise is due to a prophecy or clever trickery is completely up in the air.

1 Sip When…

  • Anyone mentions God
  • There’s a mention of Syria, Israel or the US
  • There’s an explosion
  • A news broadcast is played
  • Anyone sends or receives a text message

Take A Shot When…

  • The Messiah escapes capture

Did we miss your favorite Netflix show? Well don’t worry chances are we have it in our catalog anyway. Check here for more Netflix Drinking Games!