5 Great Pub Crawl Games That’ll Make Your Night Unforgettable

How to do a 3 legged pub crawl

These Pub Crawl drinking games will turn your night out into an all night slobberknocker. Which is the perfect solution when trying to get one person in particular drunk like at a bachelor party or birthday party. Or even if you are just bored on a tuesday night and want to get weird with some of your friends.

So whether you’re trying to set yourself up to be the ultimate Best Man or just get some people to check out the local pubs these games are going to make sure everyone has a great time.


Our 5 Best Pub Crawl Drinking Games


Pub Golf

Golf Drinking Game -

This one requires a bit of set up in advance. First you’re going to have to decide if you want to do 9 holes or 18 holes. Each “Hole” represents a new bar and a drink you need to have at that bar.

Then everyone meets at the first bar and has the first drink. For each sip it takes to finish that drink, that’s a stroke. Then head to the next bar on the list and do the same until every “hole” is finished. Every player adds up all their strokes and the one with the least wins!

Chase the Unicorn

How to Play Chase The Unicorn - The Chuggernauts

This game gets a little wacky and is great for events where you’re trying to get one person in particular drunk.

To start everyone involved needs to meet at a bar and put in 20$ or 40$ into the pot (depending how much you want to spend). After that one person is decided to be the “Unicorn”. That person gets all the cash and has to dawn something ridiculous like a horse mask so that they’re easy to spot.

Now the “Unicorn” gets a 5 minute head start to run to any bar in the area with all the money. After that everyone must try and find the Unicorn. If they manage to find them then they can share in the money with them and get drinks for themselves. The unicorn can move around and switch bars to try and either lose people or not be found in the first place.

There is one kicker, anytime anyone playing enters a bar they have to have a drink there before they leave. Once all the money runs dry send out a message to all the poor saps who never found the unicorn that the game is over.

Pub Cricket

This pub crawl drinking game involves players trying to get the highest score by the end of the night. Pick two team leaders and take turns drafting people until you have 2 fairly even teams. The rules to this one are simple.

  • Any time someone finishes a drink, their team earns a run.
  • Any time someone uses the washroom, their team loses a wicket.
  • Any time someone throws up their team loses 3 wickets.

At the end of the night or at a designated time add up all your points and see who wins!

Challenge Accepted!

As the name implies this one involves a ton of competition. First find an area in the city with tons of bars or pubs. One person is designated to be the challenger all night. For each bar people enter the challenger scans the room for pub-games such as pool, darts, buck-hunter, whatever and issues the challenge. They choose the rules and how it’s played. Then everyone plays and whoever loses must buy the round for the entire table.

Keep playing for a designated amount of bars or until you’re to drunk to play any pub games without getting the boot.

Three-Legged Pub Crawl

How to do a 3 legged pub crawl

Think of it like a regular 3 legged race but drunker. Basically everyone breaks off into teams of two and tied one of their legs together. Use whatever you want, rope, duct tape, whatever. Now just do a regular pub crawl across some local bars. I’d suggest adding in a few dance bars for added hilarity.

The last players still tied together win. Or alternatively if you’re playing with people who are too stubborn to ever admit defeat you could just play this pub crawl game until a team falls over and then they are eliminated.