10 Great Drinking Games for Three People

This is our list of the 10 best drinking games for 3 people. We know the struggle of sifting through a hundred drinking games trying to find one that isn’t meant for large teams or groups to function properly so we decided to list some of our favorites that work best with exactly 3 participants.

10 Drinking Game For 3 People

Extreme 3-Man!

This is our own custom version of the classic 3-Man that works great with 3 or more people.


5 dice and drinks

How To Play

Take 1 die and take turns rolling it until someone gets a 3. They get to start the game as 3 man. 3-man starts by rolling all 5 dice.

  • 5s mean the roller drinks.
  • 3s mean 3-man drinks.
  • 3 of a kind means whoever rolled becomes 3 man. (if 3-man gets this they become double 3 man and drink double until they lose the title)
  • 4 of a kind means the roller gets to make a game rule.


Pyramid Set Up-

This is a classic card game that works great with 3 people since too many people means you won’t have enough cards and won’t get to play much.


A deck of cards and drinks

How To Play

Lay down 15 cards face down to form a pyramid. 5 on the bottom row, then 4, then 3, then 2 and finally 1 at the top.

Deal out the rest of the cards face down to the 3 players as evenly as possible.

Now flip a card from the base of the pyramid. If anyone has a card matching that number in their hand they can give it to someone else and make them drink once. Then continue flipping cards from the base row. Once it’s all flipped move up to the next row which is now worth 2 drinks each. Continuing to the top row which is eventually worth 5.


Drink-A-Palooza -

This is really an all in one party game that works with any number of people. It combines all the classic games like quarters and beer pong into one hilarious drinking experience. Perfect for pre-game, post-game, during-game, whatever!


Sevens is an easy drinking game to play but hard to master. Those who are good at math and quick thinking will have an advantage here.


Literally nothing other than some drinks.

How To Play

Participants sit in a circle. This is a counting game. The first person says “1” and then in a clockwise order the next person says the next number. The catch is nobody can say a number that has a “7” in it or is a multiple of seven. Instead they say “Pass.” and that number is skipped. Whoever messes up drinks and the round restarts. It sounds easy but it gets harder and harder as the night marches on.

Beer Suits

Beer suits is a simple trick taking game where people aim to get the highest card of a randomized suit or end up drinking for a consequence. This is for those of us who prefer a touch of strategy while we get slammered.


A deck of cards and some drinks

How To Play

Each person is dealt 5 cards and the aim of the game is to play the highest cards of the matching suit.

Each round a card is flipped from the top of the deck. Whichever suit it is, is the suit that must be played for that round.

Players take turns playing a single card from their hand. The highest card of the matching suit wins. If no cards match the suit then the highest card of an off suit wins. Any off suit plays result in drinks and the loser of each round drinks 3 times. The winner of each round gets a point and the person who had the least points at the end of the game downs their drink.

Two Truths And A Lie

This game is straight up fun with or without drinking. The basics of the game is trying to determine which stories are true and which are lies and drink if you get it wrong.


A bit of creativity and some beverages.

How To Play

Players rotate who gets to tell the stories. The story teller must come up with 2 real stories and one that’s entirely made up.

Now both the other players choose which story they think is a lie. They can confer with each other to agree on one of them. If they are correct the story teller drinks, if not then the guessers drink. Then someone else is chosen to be the story teller and the game continues.


This is a risky game involving 2 dice and a pint glass. All you do is roll and cross your fingers that you don’t have to drink what’s in the glass.


2 dice, drinks and an empty pint glass.

How To Play

Take turns rolling the two dice. Depending on the total of the two numbers is what happens.

  • 7: Add as much of your drink as you want to the glass.
  • 8: Drink half of the glass.
  • 9: Drink all the glass.
  • Doubles: Reverse the turn order
  • Double 4s: Drink half the glass and roll again.
  • Anything Else: Nothing happens. The empty rolls are 3,4,5,6,10 and 11. As long as doubles weren’t rolled in getting those totals.

Power Hour

Less of a 3 person drinking game and more of a 3 person hour long drinking challenge. This is a sheer test of endurance.


3 shot glasses, a 6 pack each and a stopwatch of some kind.

How To Play

Set a stop watch to go off every minute for a whole hour. Whenever it goes off everyone fills their shot glass with beer and downs it. It may sound simple but 60 shots in an hour is nearly 6 beers in a short amount of time so watch out.


Titanic Drinking Game - the

This one’s all about dexterity. Don’t sink the shot glass or you gotta drink the cup.


A pint glass, a shot glass (a light one) and beer.

How To Play

Fill the glass with beer. Now lightly place the shot glass into the glass so that it’s floating. Participants take turns pouring their drink into the glass. They can pour as little as they want to as long as at least a drop lands in the glass. Whoever sinks the shot glass loses and must chug the entire cup.


Drunkopoly Drinking Monopoly - The Chuggernauts

Time to dust off that old copy of Monopoly on the shelf because we came up with some awesome drinking rules. Since monopoly already hits it’s stride with 3 people this 3 player drinking game is no exception.


A copy of Monopoly, a pint glass and drinks.

How To Play

Play a game of monopoly as normal except with these added rules. Place a cup in the center of the board within reach of all the participants.

  • Whenever someone passes go they can pour some of their drinks into the glass.
  • If someone rolls doubles they can pour into the glass.
  • If someone lands on Free Parking they must down the glass.
  • If someone lands in jail they must down the glass.
  • If someone goes bankrupt they must down the glass.

There you have it. Our top drinking games for 3 people. If you think anything is sorely missing from this list make sure to let us know.