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10 Nintendo Drinking Games For Every Major Franchise

If you own a Nintendo console the odds are pretty good that you own multiple games from Nintendo franchises. So we decided to come up with 10 Nintendo drinking games for each of the biggest Nintendo IPs. That way you can just pop in your favorite iteration and get to the drinking.

10 Great Nintendo Drinking Games

Super Mario

Mr Nintendo himself. This game works best with any of the platforming Mario games, but would also work fine on the 3D adventures like Galaxy or Odyssey. Depending on the game you choose this drinking game can be anywhere from 1-4 players.

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Legend Of Zelda

Get drunk and slay Ganon. This game is made to work with any of the classic single player Zelda games. From the classic Legend of Zelda to newer titles like Breath of The Wild and everything in between.

This one works best with 1 player but you can always pass a controller around and take turns.

Mario Party

Probably one of the best games to drink to of all time. This drinking game works with any Mario Party title for any console. It’s best played with 4 players as computer A.I. in these games tends to be pretty bad.

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Drink your way out of desolation with this Metroid drinking game. This game works with any of the Metroid side-scrollers as well as the Prime series.

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Mario Kart

Drunk driving is only acceptable when you’re playing Mario Kart. Play with up to 4 players on any Mario Kart game and fill up the rest of the slots with bots.

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Smash Bros

Get smashed, bros. with this drinking game. Pop in any smash bros game and play up to 4 players (8 in the newer ones).

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Gotta chug em all with our Pokemon drinking game. This works for any of the main Pokemon games like red/blue, silver/gold, sword/shield etc…

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Donkey Kong

Get donkey-faced with this DK drinking game! This one works great with any of the side scrolling DK games like Donkey Kong Country or Tropical Freeze. Works best with 2 players.


Suck back a few drinks with this Kirby drinking game. This works with most classic style kirby games like Kirby’s Adventure or Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Plays best with 1 or 2 players.

Fire Emblem

Prove your lineage proud in this unique Fire Emblem drinking game. Given that most of these games are single player it’s best to just pass a controller around every round. This game should work with any Fire Emblem game.

If any of these great Nintendo drinking games missed the mark you can always check out our huge collecting of drinking rules to video games. Whichever game you choose to play please always make sure to drink responsibly.