8 Best Drinking Board Games For Adults


Looking for a way to combine board games and drinking? There’s plenty of great drinking board games for adults on the market that will make your night unforgettable. (And some free online ones too!).

Through the years we’ve tested nearly every party board game on the market. With plenty to offer we decided to narrow it down to our ten favorites.

Top 8 Drinking Board Games for Adults

The Pokemon Drinking Games

Topping out list is the timeless Pokemon Drinking Game series. These free online games are an all-night endeavor that usually leaves everyone drunk and one person able to claim the title of drunken Pokemon master.

The Pokemon drinking game is free to download online and only requires a dice and an internet connected device to play. Players choose their starting Pokemon then roll to advance on the board. Stopping at gyms and earning badges along the way through various drinking challenges.

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This game promises to combine popular party games into an all-in-one drinking game. And it does a pretty good job too.

Players race around the board trying to collect beer bottles to fill up their six packs through a series of iconic drinking games like Quarters, Beer Pong and More. The game comes with all the supplies needed, even a deck of cards to play some other drinking games.

Don’t Get Drunk

Don’t let the name deceive you. You might just get drunk during this one. The goal of this game is to arrive home safely from the bar without collapsing in a puddle of booze and shame.

As you stumble home, you’ll encounter spaces that will make you draw from one of the unique playing card decks. From bar trivia, to mini-games to crazy drinking challenges there’s tons of reasons to play Don’t Get Drunk.

The Super Mario Drinking Game

Super Mario Drinking Game -

Much like the Pokemon drinking game, this free online drinking board game is great for fans of the Mario franchise. This one is a involves a little less drinking than the Pokemon games so it’s great for a pre-game.

Players choose from Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad. Each with their own unique abilities to help get to the ending first. Then everyone races to collect stars and make it to the end of the game first to defeat Bowser.

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Suddenly Drunk

Breaking Games Suddenly Drunk (Toy)

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This unique deck of cards adds fun drinking rules to any turn based board game you can think of. How it works is each time you’re about to take your turn in any board game, you also flip one of these cards and perform the drinking task on the card.

Suddenly Drunk also comes with a number of fun expansions to make sure it never gets stale. A great way to play your favorite games and add a bit of drinking to the mix.

Out of Commission

Out of Commission is a pretty long adult board game where players race to the center of the board hoping to avoid dangerous drinking spaces on the way.

The unique face-off cards for players to compete throughout the game in hilarious mini-games like dance-offs or trying to get your opponent to laugh first.


Gutterhead – The Fiendishly Filthy Drawing Game [Adult Party Game] (Toy)

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This game is a blast with or without alcohol. But luckily it comes with some handy drinking rules in case you need them.

Think of Gutterhead like a dirty version of Pictionary. Players race to draw things like “getting tea bagged” or “Donald Trump” hoping their team-mate gets the answer first. A great adult board game for any type of event.

King of Booze 2

King of Booze 2 is one of the funnest drinking games you can play straight from your mobile device. Just download the free app, add all the players and you’re ready to go.

Through a series of choices that will either have you performing ridiculous tasks or drinking as punishment. Players just need to pass the phone around and roll the virtual die to see what happens. There’s also additional content for purchase.

Know any other great drinking games for adults that we happened to miss? Feel free to send us an e-mail and let us know which games deserved a spot on this list.