The Ten Dumbest and Most Dangerous Drinking Games

Through our constant search for all the greatest drinking games on the planet we decided to compile what we believe to be the Ten Dumbest and Most Dangerous Drinking Games of all time. So if you’re the kind of person who enjoys reading about the incredibly stupid acts of others than this list should quench your thirst.

The Ten Dumbest and Most Dangerous Drinking Games

Blarney Ball

This is one of those games that could only come from Ireland. It’s less of a drinking game and more of a quick way to get into a fight or arrested.

For this game you just want to grab a green ball of any kind and sit down at your favorite watering hole. Once someone gets drunk enough to drum up the courage is when the game begins. Throwing the ball at someone’s head is 100 points, bar mirrors are 1000 and hitting a cop is worth a whopping 5000 points.


Some might recall this fad from 2014-2016. For those that don’t basically what happened is someone would down a beer on film and send it to someone else who now has to do the same.

Sounds pretty innocent right? The problem came about when people decided to start one-upping each other. From chugging a beer, to chugging a bottle, to the full blown death of 5+ people as reported by the Independant. That sure got out of hand quick!


The classic game of Stump (Or hammerschlagen as it was originally known in Germany) involves throwing a hammer above ones head and then striking it down onto a nail all while your buds are chugging beers and chanting.

Basically what happens is you find an old tree stump to hammer some nails into. Now put a nail in about half way for each person playing. Grab a hammer (preferably one of the older ball peen style hammers) and the goal is for each person to raise the hammer above their head and strike it down on their own nail with the wedge-end of the hammer. Miss the nail? pound back a drink. First person to get their nail all the way in the stump wins.

To make things even more dangerous in some places stump is played with a point system. With bonus points awarded for flipping the hammer in the air before swinging down.

Danger Can (Danger Beer)

This one is about as primitive as they come. It almost seems like an ancient tribal ritual until you get close enough to realize just how dumb it is.

What happens is everyone chants “Dan-Ger-Can!” while taking turns shaking up a can of beer. Then one by one everyone tries to smash the beer on their own head. Whoever manages to break the beer wins! (I guess?) and then they try to drink the beer through whatever laceration they made in it.

Russian Beer Roulette

Russian Beer Roulette gets its name from the suicidal russian game where people take turns pointing a gun at themselves and pulling the trigger until one unlucky sap gets the chamber loaded with a bullet. Well at least in this version nobody gets shot.

What happens here is you get a good stockpile of beer. A few for every person at least. Shake one of the beers up as much as you humanly can. Then have someone else mix them around so nobody knows which one was shaken. Count of three everyone points the beer at their face and opens it. Whoevers beer explodes in their face is out of the game and the remaining people play the next round. Keep going until only 1 person remains.

LouisVille Chugger

This one’s a little closer to the stupid side than the dangerous side. It involves chugging copious amounts of alcohol, spinning in a circle for a while, then trying to bat a ball. Sounds easy enough on the surface but wait until you hear what you’ll be drinking out of.

For this game you need one of those hollow plastic whiffle ball bats or the plastic toy bats that kids use. Then you need to cut off the end of it and fill the whole thing with beer. Now the aim of the game is to chug the entire drink through the open end of the bat while your friends count. Once you’re done you need to spin in a circle for as long as it took you to drink. Once that’s done it’s Batter Up! A friend tosses a ball at you and you got to see if you can hit it.


Drei junge Männer laufen am Donnerstag (17.05.2012)

The name of this german game translates roughly to “Beer Crate Running”. And that pretty much sums up the rules as well. Teams of two each grab one handle on a 12 or 24 pack of beer and start running.

Then they must run 5-10km and finish a relay race. The kicker is they can’t cross the finish line until they have downed every beer in the case. The thought of running a 10k is sickening enough to me, never mind after chugging 12 or so warm shaken beers.

Edward 40 Hands

This is a game you might have seen at a house party or two. The idea here is to grab some 40s of beer and tape them to your hands with duct tape.

What makes this difficult is that you’re not allowed to take the bottles off until both of them are empty. Which makes every day tasks like picking things up or going to the washroom seemingly possible. And lord help you if you fall over.

High Noon

As far as danger and stupidity goes this one isn’t as bad as most of the others on the list. This game is meant to emulate an old fashioned western shootout.

For this you need two people. Either with a full and unopened can of beer. They start out back to back and then take 10 paces away from each other. Once reached both people must race to chug their beers. When the can is empty you must crush it on your head. Now that’s your bullet. First person to get hit with the other persons crushed can loses.

Butt Chugging (Alcohol Enima)

Of all the twisted and dangerous ways to drink made popular by frat houses, this one tops the list. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

The two most common ways to do this are through a beer funnel or alcohol soaked tampon. Yes you read that correctly. It was long thought this fad started by a student at the University of Tennessee. Although he has since completely denied the accusation saying “It would violate God’s Law”. Though shall not absorb a Bicardi Breezer rectally, I believe is the commandment in question.


These games are all either horribly dangerous in their own right or have lead to some serious trouble in the past. So we feel compelled to tell anyone listening; please for the love of god drink responsibly.

If you have any stupid or dangerous drinking games you think we should have added to this list feel free to let us know on our contact page. Cheers!